Younited Makes Its First Appearance In Jolla Store

The hotly anticipated “Younited” app has finally made its first appearance in the Jolla store after the partnership was first announced back in February earlier this year.

According to the Younited blog, the app is available now for download and we can also confirm this to be the case.


While this version of the app is based on Android, Younited promise to make the app more integrated within Sailfish as time progresses:

Our next step is to integrate the client even closer into the Sailfish OS.

This is great news for Jolla fans who until now have been largely dependent on the excellent Sailbox for native cloud storage options. Of course there are a host of Android-based cloud storage options available for Jolla too but Younited provide another “secure” option for the Jolla handset.

When we say “storage you can trust” – that means we’re built for privacy and security from the ground up. Because we’re built by F-Secure, we know how to do security right. And because we’re based in Finland, your data and content is safe from prying eyes.

Jolla owners can also further benefit from the partnership by receiving 5GB of free storage space.

So what do Jolla users get? 5 GB of free cloud storage for quick and easy backup, storing, sharing, streaming and collaborating. Now that it’s here, don’t wait! Get started by heading to the Jolla store on your Jolla device and download today. And stay tuned for a closer integration in the coming months!

The additional promise of “closer integration” excites us greatly and we look forward to seeing how the app develops in the coming months.

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