Tackling Improvements One Step At A Time: Sailfish Mail Client *Week 1*

One of our trusty stalwarts (Andrei) over at our community port suggested we – the Jolla community at large – start compiling ideas for improving Sailfish one step at a time.

While everything works on the whole in Sailfish largely as it should, of course there is always room for improvement (as with anything) especially when trying to keep up with the big boys (Android/Apple).

Rather than be bamboozled by all the different elements that could be improved all at once (obviously not feasible), Andrei suggested we pinpoint an app or element of Sailfish every week and compile a list of important features you/we the community feel to be missing.  Then once we have the list, we vote here to get the top eg. 5 manageable points for Jolla to focus on and then present it over at the main “together” website.


So, with that being said, to get the ball rolling this week our focus is going to be on the Sailfish Native Email Client.   What features do you miss (if anything), or how could it be generally improved?

To contribute, either comment below, or head to the designated thread started by Andrei at our forum where you can contribute your ideas there.

After we have a representative list of ideas, we will put your ideas to vote here so we can then present (eg. the top 5 most requested features) to the Jolla together portal for Jolla to implement into a future software update.

Ideas for next weeks target area for improvement in Sailfish OS also most welcomely received.


So an example post could read like this:-

Sailfish Email Client Improvements:

1/ …….

2/ …….

3/ …….

Next weeks target area: ……..


Keeping it simple is really key lets keep on point and just list your chosen improvements (if any).

Thanks and Sail On! :)

EDIT: Don’t forget if you want some good old fashioned live chat with fellow Jolla owners you can join our community port and get involved that way as well!  



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