#Sailfish Monthly Update 9: Slight Delay But On Its Way

With many Jolla owners highly anticipating the next monthly update 9 (Uitukka) promised last month after Jolla took a break in August, Jolla have issued a statement to let the community know of some slight delays affecting the update cycle.

The boat hasn't arrived (yet) to give us update 9 (Uitukka) but only slightly delayed

The boat hasn’t arrived (yet) to give us Sailfish update 9 (Uitukka) but only slightly delayed

This next update to Sailfish is expected to be quite a major one being that it will accommodate for the all important updated QT 5.2:

Now that the Finnish summer heat has cooled down, we’ve been working very hard to finalize and polish our next Sailfish OS software update. We have great new stuff to deliver to you, and we’re almost there. However, we believe we need a few more weeks to ensure good quality especially since this is a major update including Qt 5.2.

Jolla updated their together post with the following information informing of the slight delay:

Update on 30.9: We are at our 10th release candidate right now (internally) and still see some sharp edges. We need a bit more time to smoothen them out. In addition to stabilizing update 9, we are also testing the fixes to the security vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-7169, CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-1568) and preparing to release them first if need be. Apologies for the long wait.

So internally the 10th iteration of update 9 is being tested and should be available OTA for all Jolla owners soon.  With the recent “shellshock” bug in mind there has no doubt also been some extra work for Jolla to address in the way of “security vulnerabilities”.

Perhaps Jolla could even skip update 9 and combine 9/10 together in 1 huge update (like another company we know)… or even better to be truly #unlike combine update 9 and 10, but call it “9” where Microsoft failed to account for basic level numeracy! :-P

In all seriousness, either way I know many people are very excited and we look forward to whatever Jolla brings to the plate next!

Sail On!




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