5 Reasons Why #SailfishOS 2.0 Should Worry Apple, Google And Microsoft

An article over at PocketLint has been published on why the “BIG 3″ should be worried about Jolla and their forthcoming Sailfish OS 2.0.

In this post, we take a look at some of the points they raise in the article and make further comment.

  • Open source with Linux smarts

The fact it’s open source is a huge draw. Remember when Android used to be open source? In spite of pretty basic hardware back then people still chose it over Apple’s slick iPhone interface. The same thing could happen again with Sailfish.
Sailfish OS can be modified by anyone any time they like. That means apps could technically be made to change the way the entire phone works rather than just working within a framework.

    • Hardware ready

The open source software means Jolla promises that adding hardware modules is also. So an E Ink case that uses the phone’s software to display notifications can be made quite simply. Or if someone wants to replace a part that’s possible too, making this a prime OS for a modular phone. Watch out Google Project Ara.

    • Gesture controls and multitasking

Buttons are the past for Sailfish, using a swipe system in favour or clicks.
Multitasking is also a huge pull for the Sailfish OS. Sailfish apps can be changed while running at the same time. So if you want to pause music or a video without leaving the app you’re in that’s an option.

    • Button free

Google is trying to bring in button free phones, but turning a big ship like Android is a slow process. Young, agile Jolla on the other hand has been able to create a button free OS and hardware to boot right from the get-go. As a result it truly works.

    • People powered

The big phrase used by Jolla is “People Powered” owing to the crowd-funding nature of the company. Since the small start-up is able to adapt and change quickly, unlike more established names, it can adapt to suit its users. The result is a community where everyone not only support each other but have a voice to create change where they feels its needed.


PocketLint are a very reputable tech site and it’s super to see they have really captured the essence of what Jolla and Sailfish OS is about in this article.   It’s also great to see Jolla getting the recognition they deserve for all their hard work. <3

As the article points out, the community continues to be one of THE key elements in Jolla’s success and I for one am looking forward to getting stuck back into making Sailfish OS an even bigger “people powered” boat that gathers enough wind to go toe-to-toe with the BIG guys!




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  3. I hope jolla becomes big but not too big…still jolla has to make its user experience much better. Without increasing the number of quality native apps that will make the jolla phone a proper work horse with an unlike jolla experience it is difficult for me to see a reason for jolla’s existence. After all if I need jolla to run android apps, I might as well buy android. No?

  4. Open source is of course a great idea. But allowing unfettered access to the innards of a connected consumer device like this is very much a double-edged sword: can you say “malware”? I knew you could.

    Of course at this point in Jolla’s lifecycle users are presumably a bit more sophisticated and the target market size for malware authors much smaller. But as Jolla’s installed base grows, some sort of checks on phone access will likely become necessary. Hopefully Jolla can find a graceful way to implement them with minimal impact on device use.

  5. I have always had Apple products, because they are reliable, easy to use, and because they have the best designers, the best and most beautiful apps, games, etc. My phone 3GS never crashed in 5 years and it still works. I use it as an ipod and satnav now, for recently I have chosen Jolla. Apple’s system is too closed, apart, and the new design is rigid and dull. I love the different app icons of Jolla and I love the gesture system. And I love my privacy, which is in better hands with a European company than with an American of Russian (or…) because of European law (except the UK). Android never was for me a serious option: ugly and spyware.
    The side effect of open source can be: more crap. I don’t know how Jolla will control this, but I hope Jolla can become the third dog that runs away with the bone which the other two dogs are fighting for.

    • I was (and always have been) “Apple” based. I too ventured into Jolla to discover something new. Unfortunately, I’m now firmly back with Apple because everything “just works” as it should & when it should. Jolla was a brave attempt but it (hardware and OS) was released too soon and with limited specs and apps. Not supposed to be an objective criticism of Jolla but it’s not “for me”.

  6. To the hell with “button free”! Games make half the sales and touch screen is a huge limitation for almost every type of gameplay. Moreover I miss the days I had hardware answer and cancel buttons because now I have to look at the screen to be sure I actually started talking. Most disgusting idea apple brought to the world and somehow everyone’s buying it :(