Jolla Reshuffle: Marc Dillon takes CEO position

Sorry for the late article, but I’ve been travelling today.

This news comes via a tweet from Jolla and article courtesy of techcrunch.


Former CEO Jussi Hurmola will now focus on “Sailfish strategy” (and moves onto the Jolla Board), while Jolla’s former COO, Marc Dillon, will take over as CEO. Dillon’s background includes working in a variety of senior engineering roles at Nokia across Symbian, S40 and MeeGo.

It appears at this point that Marc Dillon is the man to take Jolla onto the next stage ‘product delivery’, while Hurmola moves onto the Jolla board to focus on the Sailfish OS strategy. A typical part of the natural evolution of a company in it’s early stages of formation, this is a good move in light of the individuals experience. Being adaptable in the early stages and adjusting accordingly is obviously a characteristic which will help Jolla move more quickly to their goals.

A Jolla spokesperson said regular executive reshuffles are part of the startup’s business development strategy — noting: ”Regular rotation is a part of our company culture that keeps us agile and our way of working well matched to the most important tasks at hand.”

Both Marc and Jussi now appear to be better aligned in their roles moving forward:

“Marc has been in charge of the engineering and product development right from the start and the move will now maximise the delivery efficiency. At the same time, it’s elementary that we also look beyond the first launch and Jussi’s new role i.e. focusing on further developing the Sailfish strategy and the whole ecosystem will be very important for Jolla.”

Also, according to Techcrunch, this reshuffle starts with immediate effect.

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