90 Seconds With Marc Dillon…

Just a very ‘short and sweet’ interview we conducted to get a few ideas from new CEO Marc Dillon.

Hi Marc – congratulations on your new position as CEO for Jolla!

Thank you, it is a privilege to serve such a great crew.

As a co-founder and COO for Jolla, how do you feel your expertise as CEO will help propel the company onto the next phase ie. product delivery ?

This is a very natural move – the product delivery approaches, and I have been in charge of the whole product development right from the start.

We are all getting very excited about the November 21st/22nd Sailfish launch as I’m sure you are – can you give Jolla fans any ideas on what to expect on the day ?

The company is now focusing its efforts on the UI and SDK for the Nov 21-12 Slush event.

After the Sailfish announcement (21st Nov), when can we expect a device announcement to follow ? Do you have a rough ETA yet for device availability ?

We are now busily planning the upcoming event and will share the news at the event.

Finally, can you sum up what it feels like to be working at Jolla ?

Jolla is an open and fast paced working environment, filled with the brightest and most enthusiastic people I have ever known.  Every day I find myself repeating “I love my job.”

Thanks so much for your time!

Thank you as well, and warm regards from cooler places.

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