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Jolla: Payment Invitation Received!


Earlier this morning, we received our invitation to pay in full for the Jolla handset = whoopee!! Here are a few images taken from the payment pages on the shop website:   Now… Read More

Update: Email Confirmation Received! **SPOILER ALERT**


Not long after writing this last post, we indeed received an email from Jolla which I’ll detail below for anyone interested in knowing what it says.  For those who want a surprise when… Read More

Pre-Order Update: Email Roll Out; Handset Colour; Exclusive Other Half Details


It would appear that emails to pre-order customers are finally rolling out as more and more people around are excitably claiming they are receiving payment confirmations from Jolla. In all of the excitement… Read More

Jolla: Specs Updated, Pre-Order and Other News!


Since the recent press release from a few days ago, more news has been coming thick and fast about the new Jolla phone! Starting with some new spec information that has appeared on… Read More

Jolla Chairman, Antti Saarnio Confirms Christmas Arrival ?


Just to answer an earlier post where we asked whether the pre-order handsets would arrive in time for Christmas 2013, it appears that Jolla’s Chairman Antti Saarnio has possibly answered our question in a… Read More

I’m Dreaming Of A ^insert Jolla colour of choice^ Christmas…


Since I made the Jolla pre-order back in May, I’ve been trying to regulate excitement levels over the months that have followed knowing that it was always going to be a very long,… Read More

Jolla Press Release: 21/08/13


  The first production batch of Jolla smartphones fully booked with demand from 136 countries Helsinki – 21 August, 2013. The first production batch of Jolla smartphones has been fully booked by consumers… Read More

Main Jolla Website: Refreshed


It appears that Jolla have acted on one of the issues we felt important – that being the pre-order system which seemed a little bit over complicated. Jolla = a company that listens… Read More

Limited Edition Pre-Order: Now Open To All EU Countries


The news comes via a tweet from Jolla that all EU countries will be open for the limited edition 100 Euro pre-order from now on. Due to demand, we're opening up the 100€… Read More

Pre-Order: Constructive Critique


The problem I have when it comes to the pre-order as I’m sure a lot of you may also be frustrated about is that it is hard to commit to something when you… Read More

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