I’m Dreaming Of A ^insert Jolla colour of choice^ Christmas…

Since I made the Jolla pre-order back in May, I’ve been trying to regulate excitement levels over the months that have followed knowing that it was always going to be a very long, hard wait for the Jolla handset and that the patience of a Saint would indeed be required  if I was to prevent myself going mad in the process…

However, with the recent arrival of my ‘I Am The First’ t-shirt, it has got me excited and buzzing all over again like a child at Christmas!

So the handset is supposed to ship at the ‘end of 2013′, but the big question is will we be receiving it in time for Christmas 2013 ?

Which Colour Of The Jolla Rainbow Are You Dreaming Of ?

Which Colour Of The Jolla Rainbow Are You Dreaming Of  ?

I’ve been having wild dreams lately where Jolla announce that they have been working way ahead of schedule and are in fact on target for shipping the handset a few months earlier than expected – now wouldn’t that be a dream come true!   Ok, back to reality – so the question is – when do you think we might start getting our, all important, tracking numbers and shipping confirmations ?

I’m gesticulating that when Jolla say ‘the end of 2013′, we could quite literally be looking at shipments being made right at the end of December for delivery in the first few weeks of January 2014…. although I seriously hope Jolla can surprise us (in a good way)!

Since loading the new stable community version of Maemo, my faithful old dog is currently doing me proud and I’ve been loving discovering some nice new tricks (and some old):  QSpot; integrated notifications; TV out; HWKB; FM transmitter is still very much useful etc etc, but have been missing some other key features such as a good Twitter client and a smooth, fast processor; bigger screen which I know the Jolla handset will have no problems alleviating.

Nevertheless, my N900 resuscitation has inadvertently been a great distraction while I patiently wait for my precious Jolla, and my only hope is that I can hold out over the forthcoming months but am seriously considering travelling to Tibet to become a monk in order that I may learn the true art of patience while I sit this thing out…

Is it just me or has anyone else been getting “ants in their pants” lately and on a side note, what colour backplate have you got your eye on?



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