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Jolla HQ: Announces Yandex Store Partnership


  So, as if that wasn’t enough news to hear about in one go, Jolla have also further detailed their in-phone app store experience… According to the main press release, Jolla have announced… Read More

Jolla HQ: Announces HERE Maps Partnership


  The next piece of news from today is something we’ve all been speculating on over the past months and that is regarding who would be supplying Jolla’s navigational functionality? As had been… Read More

Jolla HQ: A New Beginning


Well there has been a whirlwind of news over the past few hours and hot off finishing our own developments which have kept us from the limelight for the past few weeks, it’s… Read More

Welcome To Our New Community Space!


Hello Sailors! Welcome to our new space, we have a new ‘community port’ which is accessible via the ‘community’ menu tab at the top of the page. The idea behind the community port… Read More

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