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Post Slush Interview With Marc Dillon #Jolla


Here is a very brief post-Slush 2014 interview with COO, Marc Dillon about Jolla’s new crowd-sourced tablet (I like j-tablet!) which is drawing near to the $1m mark after just over 24 hours!… Read More

#Jolla Tablet Surpasses Funding Goal in Just Over 2 Hours!


Little over 2 hours ago, Jolla embarked on a crowd funding project for their latest product – a Sailfish, gesture-based tablet running OS 2.0 – via IndieGoGo, after their much-anticipated appearance at Slush… Read More

#Jolla @ #Slush 2014: In Pictures


We were unfortunate to have a very broken signal while watching the live stream earlier, but managed to snap a few photos from the Slush 2014 stream as Jolla’s announcements unfolded. Marc Dillon… Read More

Jolla Tablet: Technical Specs And Further Details


The Jolla tablet which was announced earlier is literally “massive” news from Jolla and has got everyone talking and the more I absorb the information, the more excited I am becoming. Just to whet… Read More

We Make IT. You make it yours: Jolla Tablet


After taking to stage at Slush 2014 earlier, here is the official video of the “people powered” Jolla tablet running Sailfish OS 2.0. To support Jolla’s latest initiative and prebook a tablet for… Read More

Jolla Set To Release Sailfish OS 2.0 Tablet Via IndieGoGo


It was with great anticipation that COO, Marc Dillon took to the stage moments earlier to announce Jolla’s next commercial product, a Sailfish OS 2.0 based crowd funded tablet. After describing the companies achievements… Read More

Jolla @ SLUSH 2014: How To Follow!


So while Jolla are making their last minute preparations for the big event tomorrow, we’ve got all the information on how to stay informed for tomorrows “BIG” announcement. If you have a fast… Read More

Wild Speculation #4: Nokia + Jolla “Dream” Partnership ?


We have long speculated on this blog that Nokia might one day team up with Jolla to bring Sailfish OS to some nice Nokia hardware, a marriage which invokes a lot of passion from… Read More

Speculation #3: Chinese Hardware Partnership


Perhaps one of the most realistic theories for Jolla’s next “BIG” thing to be revealed in 2 days time would be a potential manufacturing partnership. Since Jolla were formed back in 2012, they… Read More

Slush 2014: Jolla Crew Attendees and What To Expect?


With Slush 2014 drawing ever closer, and anticipation building to fever pitch, we take a look at who will be speaking and what we may expect from Jolla this year. The massive startup… Read More

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