Jolla HQ: Announces Yandex Store Partnership


So, as if that wasn’t enough news to hear about in one go, Jolla have also further detailed their in-phone app store experience…

According to the main press release, Jolla have announced a partnership with app store Yandex for their android content!


Jolla handset running Yandex app store
Jolla handset running Yandex app store

This has been another one of those pieces of the jigsaw which have been slowly bubbling under for the past few months. The concept was clearly conveyed by Jolla but now the finer details have been fully realised and Yandex who have a catalogue of some 85,000 apps already in store are to make life with Sailfish seamless when it comes to the complete app experience.

Jolla users can easily download top Android applications from Yandex.Store, which run on Sailfish OS thanks to a
fully compatible Android runtime provided by Myriad AG.

Currently featuring over 85,000 apps in 17 categories, Yandex.Store offers the best and most popular apps –
from social networking and communication apps like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Skype, Viber and WeChat
to games like Angry Birds. Yandex.Store will provide in-app purchase opportunities and is available on
smartphones and tablets in 37 languages.


So it seems that the Jolla store experience will have the main Jolla store for native apps (and submitted Android apps) and the Yandex store integration (or maybe via an app judging by their website) for filling the rest of the gaps in the meantime… more in the next post!

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