Give Jolla The Thumbs Up!!

Hi everyone,

Jolla need you to give them a ‘Facebook like’ to stand a chance of winning the MTV award of Finlands favourite startup.

All you need to do is visit this page: then scroll down to where you see the Jolla logo and click on ‘Tykkää’ which is the Finnish word for ‘Like’.  Of course you also need to have a facebook account.

At the moment Jolla are only just in the lead so make sure you vote to give them a chance to win the prize.

Finland’s favourite startup company will be awarded at the Slush conference in a live broadcast. MTV3 will show the highlights under the title 45 minuuttia Special: Tosielämän diili on Wednesday, 21 November, at 8-9 p.m. The award is 30,000 Euros worth of advertising minutes on MTV MEDIA channels.

Thanks as always for  your support!

19/11 EDIT:  It has really become a closely fought battle for the number 1 place and it is hanging in the balance right now.  Please get anyone you can think of to facebook ‘like’ Jolla – friends, family, anyone you can think of!!   Thanks!!

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