Jolla phone sails onwards to Kazakhstan and gets set for Hong Kong release!

Even though Sailors are apparently taking a much needed summer break, it appears the Jolla ship is currently set to auto pilot with recent news of an entry into the exciting Indian market.

Well the auto pilot seems to be doing a great job as news of further expansion continues with entries into both Kazakhstan partnering with Mobile Invest and also a new partnership with the 3 network in Hong Kong.

Jolla in Kazakhstan

According to our friends over at ReviewJolla, along with their new partners Mobile Invest, Jolla open a new showroom in Almaty, Kazakhstan with the grand opening taking place on 25th July only a few days ago.

Jolla's Marc Dillon opens the new store in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Jolla’s Marc Dillon opens the new store in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The store itself is looking fresh, minimal and positively chic, much like Sailfish OS itself, so if you find yourself in Kazakhstan’s largest city, why not pop in and have a gander at Jolla’s creation.

New Jolla Store opens in Almaty, Kazakhstan

New Jolla Store opens in Almaty, Kazakhstan

IMAGES COURTESY: reviewjolla


Jolla in Hong Kong

After docking in India (availability expected in August), followed by Kazakhstan, the Jolla boat continued further East to where their Hong Kong offices have been very busy preparing for a launch with the 3 network.

A few teaser tweets from Jolla co-founder and Chairman Antti Saarnio revealed the Jolla Sailors preparing for the launch from their Cyberport based office in Hong Kong.

And finally the mothership, JollaHQ confirmed the availability and finer details of the latest partnership:

It seems like there is also a special VIP Jolla presentation box which the Sailors had been preparing in their offices ready for the Hong Kong grand opening #mewantone! :


So Jolla continue moving fast and spreading their roots far and wide. Are you perhaps reading this from a country currently unserved by Jolla?  Would you desperately like to see Jolla coming to a store near you ? Sound off below!

Sail On!!



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