Have Your Say: Tahkalampi Update **Poll**

After reading a few comments regarding some issues experienced with the latest software release from Jolla ( we would like to ask the community what the overall feelings are regarding this recent update.

We’ve decided it could be useful for other people (yet to make the jump) to make a poll in order to get an indication of whether the issues reported were a few isolated cases or a general problem that Jolla need to urgently address.

So here is a poll for any Jolla owners out there to provide some helpful information for the community at large:

So let’s hear from you as i’m sure we could all benefit from any user-experience to date with the latest update!

If you have anything more to say regarding the latest update ( – things you love or hate – feel free to sound off in the comments below! ;-)



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  1. Hi guys, I am one of those people sat waiting to see what the general feel is regarding this update.
    I have read of a few issues about this update, so am still undecided whether to go ahead or not.


    • I find it extremely buggy, as with all versions of Sailfish thus far … but to my amazement it did fix completely borked connectivity (no mobile data and most wifi not working). So for me it’s an improvement, as I no longer have a brick. Progress is still disappointingly slow, though … it’s not hard to see why things are stalling and why expected devices from Chinese OEMs / Carriers have failed to materialise. It’s just way too early, buggy and under-featured still. If I had to guess, we’ll see few, if any 3rd party phones until at least this time next year … by which time it may be a little late, with Ubuntu out.

  2. That’s fair enough Grimtech! :) From early reaction in the poll, it would appear that the update is worthwhile so maybe those issues we read were a few isolated cases.

  3. I’ve had terrible problems with Tahkalampi, even to the point where the phone would shut off and then stay that way for many hours. What is the use of a phone if it doesn’t work?

  4. No issues at all, nice & smooth upgrade from 1.0.7 with welcome features (esp. separate sync schedules per email account and separate covers per android app)

  5. I think the Bluetooth connection to my JVC car stereo is better since the update, no more need to connect manually. I do still reboot sometimes when the phone gets warm, but not often. Separate Android covers is better. Suddenly I receive (Android) Wordfeud notifications in Event View that a move has been made by another player, although not all the time. Maps now warns that GPS is off, and picks up location when put on. I am happy with it.

  6. Initially I thought unstable network connectivity had become rock solid as work AP was showing full bars for the first time in ages

    Unfortunately I’ve since received a new message (large, like loud headphones style) that network connection has been deactivated and instructing to restart the device. :(

    The main shell/gui (lipstick?) has also crashed and restarted (rapid green LED flashes) several times since applying this update.

    On the plus side I’m liking the separate windows for droid apps.

    I’m leaning towards proceeding with a warranty claim, as the vibrator motor went all weird (like some others have mentioned on together.jolla) from a few months back too.

  7. That’s a shame Faz, but it definitely sounds like a good call if you have some failed hardware issue. On the plus side if you do decide on a warranty claim, I’m sure Jolla will remedy the situation quickly as their customer service is excellent. :-)

    • Same with me too. But while switching on I am tapping the diplay, then Jolla will be start again.
      I do not know why this tapping is requred? Is it because of minor problems with the controller of the screen while switching / startin up. Otherwise these are not any problems with Jolla as Tahkalampi 1.08.19. I am very happy!

  8. Same problem two Jollas

    IMEI 359745050235974 activated on 16 July

    IMEI 359745050226270 activated on 18 July (Replacement for above)

    The phone seems to work fine but as the download/install to version Tahkalampi is in progress the phone shutdowns and cannot be switched on again.

    Press the on button or double click phone switches of nothing happens.
    Take battery out and put it back in and press power button black screen with “Jolla” displayed and for a few seconds then screen goes blank.

    LED also lights up blue after the screen goes black.

    Any suggestions?

    • Just a thought but if you had an sd card/sim inserted, try removing those and reboot without either in place.

      • Hello, thank you for your suggestion which I have tried.

        During Download/installation, the first Jolla did not have a SIM card inserted, the second Jolla did.

        For both phones I have tried to switch on with and without a SIM card inserted, the problem remains the phones will not switch on and the problem develops during the download/installing of the Sailfish update.

        I have retried to switch on with no SIM, after recharging the battery drained overnight but the 2nd Jolla will still not switch on.

        At no time has a sd card been inserted.

        • Sounds like it could be a battery discharge issue – did you keep the usb cable plugged in during update ?

          If the battery completely discharged because it wasn’t plugged in to power, the battery will need to be revived with an external charger. Also if the update was only halfway through when the battery died, I’m not sure but you may need to reflash the device as the update was not completed.

        • Hello & thank you for your feedback.

          During the update both phones were not always plugged in to a USB port via the USB cable because the battery reading showed over 50%.

          Both phones were sourced from Amazon UK, so do not come with an external charger. Can you recommend an external charger.

          • It’s a universal mobile battery charger. Sorry I remember reading of someone who found a link to a compatible one, but I can’t find it atm.

            I’ll post again here if I stumble upon it. ;)

            • I have tried to charge the phone by the following methods:
              1) From USB ( 2 hours)
              2) From a Nokia Charger ( 2 hours)
              3) From a Blackberry Q10 charger (1 hour)
              but the phone will still not switch on.

              The same symptoms as before.

              What would your next suggestion be?

                  • The folded piece does not go between the battery and the cover but rather at the thin edge of the battery, the opposite side to the battery contact points. It serves to wedge the battery up tight to the contact points at the other end.

                    I found just cutting some very thin strips of electrical tape and sticking to the base of the battery worked a charm.

                    • Hello

                      Thank you for the clarification on the possible battery problem. I have placed some strips of tape on the base of the battery and recharged for about an hour, but the symptom of the problem remains the same.

                      What would your next recommendation be?

  9. I have just ordered a Jolla phone but after reading the problem I am finding my self sceptic to keep it and just returning it. Is it really that much problem with the brand?

    • @Mats

      I have used Jolla as my daily driver since December 2013 and while there have been some small issues along the way which were easy to resolve, the software is maturing nicely now with the regular monthly update cycle and I am very happy with this latest update.

      Being a blog writer, I have use of iphone/android/BB10/maemo CSSU/WP8 and I have not touched one of those since starting with the Jolla.

      If you ever have a problem, the community is amazing and if there is something more serious (eg. hardware failure), Jolla care are very quick to respond and provide solutions from all accounts.

      If you want to try something new/fresh and be a part of an exciting company with Linux at its heart which is steadily evolving into something great then I would stick around.

      But if you want to move into a matured system with all the downsides of a “walled in” approach choose one of the other options out there.

      If you’ve already ordered the Jolla, the simple answer is give it a try and see what you think for yourself. ;-)

    • I’ve had no major problems, only a few missing features remaining like turn-by-turn navigation, offline maps, and EAP-SIM support. The rest of the missing features have already been added since December.

  10. Is not possible to switch on the vibration just for incoming calls without enabling vibration on screen actions.
    The notes field is present in contacts.db but still has no user interface available.

  11. Hi again, the phone arrived and to clarify any disbeliefs on THE phone
    I’m just glad to have purchased it. It requires a little bit effort to switch from android endless click/tap/swipe handling to literally swipe away. Fast and effortless, brilliant in short.
    Nothing to complain about.

    • That’s great to hear Mats thanks for letting us know. Not sure what you mean about the android handling – are you referring to the general Android navigation from within an app (which is standard across android) or do you mean trying to exit/move between apps ?

  12. I just got my Jolla phone a week ago and installed tahkalampi when the phone arrived, so i can’t say anything about the difference it made, apart from fixed screen flickering which i saw before updating. I’ve got no complaints about stability problems, but am missing some trivial to implement features i expect from a communication device:

    – Better call history and the
    – possibility to move to the previous/next email in the email app
    – It would also be nice to have a flashlight feature accessible through the settings without the need to install an app for it.

    Other very important, but work intensive features i’m missing are:
    – Native turn based navigation app
    – App Security features like on android, but with more transparency and maybe a beginner and expert mode. I guess having this feature or not could at some time in the future decide about the success of jolla as it’s a very obvious attack surface for the bigger players in the market in the fight about public opinion. Of course it’s a very valid point to criticise and i really hope jolla can and wants to find a satisfying solution.

    Things i really like about it:
    – The user interface
    – The fact that it’s a real linux i can SSH into and run real Linux applications and scripts
    – Quick GPS fix (much faster that on my Nexus 4 and N900)
    – Seamless USB IP connectivity after plugging the cable into my laptop
    – WLAN hotspot functionality without 3rd party apps

    Feature and stability wise my jolla feels more complete than my N900 at the beginning. Thanks to everyone involved!

  13. Well. Just recently bought mine, and started out with updating it which took the good part of the whole first day. Updating, unit says it’s up to date but clearly isn’t, resetting, updating again etc. This aside, I like the feel and look of the phone and the OS. But to be honest, I thought it would be more ready. Especially the browser and android support is disappointing with installation problems and crashes. Hardware is ok i guess, but seriously the camera is a joke. It’s years behind anything in its price range. And the screen in sunlight? Well you tell me what you think.
    As I said I love to support something like this, something beating against the current. I just hope I can stay interested long enough fot the next few updates.

    • @ med bollen

      Thanks for your feedback – if you’re new to the phone and you’ve got any specific issues that need addressing you could always head over to our forum or Jolla together for some answers.

      The browser is being upgraded all the time and even since the last update, more features were added. Remember you can always download something like Firefox browser (or one of the other many android browsers) as a backup to the main browser which often support additional features you may be missing.

      The android runtime is really excellent IMO, and having used the blackberry android runtime, I can safely say Jolla’s iteration is streets ahead – much more responsive, seamless to load and very smooth to operate. There are occasional apps which may not function ie, those requiring google services. What problems have you had with the Android runtime – perhaps there is an easy solution ? Make sure to download Aptoide from the Jolla store and from there you can download a multitude of android apps and if you sign in with Aptoide you can even back them up! Of course you can use the Amazon app store or even Google play if you prefer and there are other options too.

      Anyway, nice to see you hear and we’ll look forward to DIT!! :-)

      • Well, things have gone from bad to worse now. It’s basically a brick. Yesterday the browser crashed and I couldn’t open any apps so I rebooted and now it says I don’t have an jolla account, no apps can be opened, all my text messages are gone and e-mails, photos etc. So I figured I’d reinstall the phone, but to my amazement the password is not accepted. On poweroff the led light shows red. Cant’t do anything now. :(
        I guess I’ll google the problem and head over to the forum.

        • Hi, just for the record, I´m no expert Linox nor Jolla but do you only Jolla apps or did you use Android apps. ??

            • I’ve only sailfish apps installed. I’m sceptic to mix OS:s from erlier experiances. Try to skip android apps completely if it is possible, just to eliminate possible, or at least,narrow it down, error sources.

              best regards

              • Well, sceptic or not, if it doesen’t work they shouldn’t put it out there IMO. On the other hand, I was using native software when the crash happened so It’s anyones guess what went wrong.
                Happy to say there was no fuss from Jolla Care though, they wrote a appologetic e-mail and arranged for the phone to be picked up by Fedex straight away.

                • I agree with you , On a commercial product, one should be able to make demands on.
                  I’m glad it worked out anyway.

  14. Hi,

    Made the updgrade yesterday, and everything went smoothly.

    For now the only things that have changed are on the positive side:
    – 3G/4G Network reconnenct feels snappier and faster
    – Android apps are seen separately, and not in just one cover.

  15. No problems so far. But then again I don’t use that jolla phone at all. It just sits here on my desk.

    SInce I can’t synchronzie my +700 contacts locally to my phone and since it doesn’t have callrecording my Jolla is useless to me.

    But the few hings that I’ve installed work well. Both on Sailfish side and Android side.

  16. It’s strange to have 330 votes for “…..I can live with it until next fix” because the major issue of this version is the not calibrated touch with internet browser and this is a big issue for me!
    touching random in websites isn’t healthful