#Jolla Attend Startup Event SLUSH 2014

As has been the case for the previous 2 years and was the original launchpad Jolla used to first show the world their swipe-based Sailfish OS, Jolla will indeed be attending this years SLUSH 2014 event in Helsinki, Finland host to some 400 startup companies from around the world.

Organisers claim the 2014 Slush event will be moving to a new venue this year to accommodate for the ever growing size of the event itself.

“Last year the venue was way too small and labyrinthine for Slush, so we actually had to build a whole new extended venue outside the building and ended up even adding a couple of boats to the backyard dock to make the event work better”, says Atte Hujanen, the Executive Producer of Slush. “The new venue gives us new opportunities to push the limits even further than what we were able to do back at the Cable Factory. It’s a conference centre, but after we’re done with it, it’s not like any conference centre you’ve ever been in.”

Jolla among attendees for SLUSH 2014

Jolla among attendees for SLUSH 2014

Jolla will continue to be involved with the event and are listed amongst the attendees this year and we may be in for some new announcements ?

According to a recent tweet, the team have been working on something new which sounds rather exciting!





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