Something Big This Way Comes! #Jolla #SailfishOS

In the rush of recent exciting news, I’ve been like a ball of chaotic, super charged energy in the past weeks, and then Jolla go and drop another big one… I think I just might be close to exploding point!

If you visit, you will too see what I am referring to…

Something Big: But what could it be ?

Something “Big”: But what could it be ?

Oh Jolla you just love the teasing game and now I just want to know all of the juicy details right now!

So what could it be?

Well Jolla first dropped a clue in early October with a photo of the Jolla crew all in a “secret” meeting, which got a lot of twitter tongues wagging.

secret meeting

And we all know that Jolla plan to attend Slush this year which coincidentally ties in with the countdown date on their website: currently set to 5 days (and counting)!

So are there any clues that can be taken from the image and the text ?

The image looks to be a corner section of a new device – a new slimline smartphone maybe ?  But the text suggests something “BIG” which could refer to a phablet or even tablet-sized device ?  Or could it be something altogether different – some kind of wearable device which are on trend currently – Jolla Watch ?

Whatever may be in store, it’s very exciting news indeed and you can sign up to find out the juicy details when they are revealed right here:

I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s going to be a sleek new Jolla smartphone, which would tie in with an annual release timeframe (since the first Jolla was released around this time last year), but then again when have I ever been right before? :-P

We’ll be covering news as it unfolds so make sure to stay tuned and do let us know what YOU think this surprise new announcement could be!





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