Sailfish UI Mapping: Potential Improvements?

Firstly, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Jolla for this fantastic product you’ve made for us and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying getting to know it over the past few days- there’s a certain organic quality to both the handset and Sailfish which feels #unlike any other! :-D

Having had just over 2 days to play with my Jolla now, I feel like I’m really getting to know the UI pretty well and have therefore come up with some suggestions that I’d like to put to you guys and Jolla if I may.

Firstly, I’ve done a rough schematic of the current UI layout for you below which IMO could benefit from a little tweaking to get the best out of what is proving to be an otherwise excellent allround ‘beta’ UI.

So here is the current layout for reference:

Current Sailfish UI

So there is the current layout which again, from my perspective, could do with some slight tweaking to provide the user quicker access to the ‘important’ features already running on Sailfish which we tend to access all the time.

The first area where I feel is slightly lacking is the ‘lockscreen’ which is quite sparse in terms of both information and interaction.  The lockscreen is a great would-be canvas to fill some really useful elements which could save the trouble of delving deeper into the phone if you were able to glance following a double tap.  So, in order to add more value to the lockscreen, i’ve included a weather widget, more interactivity with the notification icons and added network/battery status icons at the bottom right of the screen which would allow to completely remove the ‘floating’ area where they currently reside.  Something like a flashlight icon (tap icon to turn on LED) on the lock screen would also be highly desirable. ;-)  I would also add the ambience option to the pulley menu here for quick access.

The next areas which I feel are honestly quite redundant at the moment are the 2 ambience screens accessed from a swipe either left/right of the homescreen.  These two areas offer an amazing opportunity to provide short cuts to the things you use a lot ie. message hub; email; browser etc.  My initial thought would be that these (if possible) could be customised according to user preference.  Failing that, I would most probably opt for the message hub on the right and email inbox on the left of the home screen.  Ambience can already be changed directly in the gallery so we wouldn’t lose out there and as suggested I would add the ‘ambience’ option to the lock screen pulley menu as well for quick access to ambience profiles.  Maybe another better option would be to make one of these spaces to open the android browser which would hold all your running android apps ?  I guess if the 2 screens were customisable you could pick what you wanted!

The final area which I can see will start to get very long winded over time is the app area.  For example if you are the kind of person who likes hundreds of apps on your phone, you could be vertically scrolling for a few days before you find the app you need (ok that’s an exaggeration but you get my point!).  The simple answer to this which I’m sure Jolla are working on would be a ‘folder’ system like we had on the N9 and many other smartphones.  Apps can simply be organised into folders with a user-specified name for each folder.

Otherwise, both the homescreen and the notifications screen (accessed via swipe from bottom in any screen) would remain completely unchanged.

Anyway, here is a rough mockup so you can visualise the general idea:



Anyway, like I say, this is just one persons rough concept idea for finely tuning the general UI map – perhaps you have a better idea, that you feel could be implemented ?

Aside from a few beta bugs here and there which we are currently listing in our community port if you’d like to contribute your experiences, the overall UI experience is fantastic – well done and thank you Jolla!!

Let me know what you guys think –

Sail On…




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