#Jolla Other Half Keyboard Campaign Update + 100 Euro Discount Code!

The TOHKBD campaign has now almost hit the 100K mark and is more than likely to surpass that over the weekend which is awesome on so many levels – the Jolla community simply rocks!

Dirk who is heading up the project has been quick to provide updates since the campaign started and has just added some rather exciting news for all who have already pledged and for any future pledgers (is that a word??)

TOHKBD will already feature some minor improvements since the first announcement

TOHKBD will already feature some minor improvements since the first announcement

So the latest news from the TOHKBD grapevine is this:

  1. Due to smashing the funding target with the help of you guys, the overall design will be 0.5mm thinner without compromising the design integrity in any way!!
  2. Subsequently, the design will also now feature a slightly cleaner aesthetic look
  3. Because the funding was reached in a record quick time, Dirk et al will be able to start work much quicker on sourcing parts and finalising the manufacturing stages.  All of this means that they are likely to shave some time off the original proposed delivery time, which again is pretty great news!

You can read the full details from the TOHKBD team here: https://www.kickstarter.com

To guarantee a TOHKBD you need to head over to the campaign page here but be quick because it looks like purchase options are running out fast!

Also, if you had until now been waiting for a hardware keyboard to make the Jolla handset complete, now’s you’re chance to bag a Jolla with 100 Euros off the RRP – just head over to shop.jolla.com where you can use this code: KB-6T-TV for the discount, but make sure to purchase by November 10th after which it will expire.

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