Jolla plans to reveal first handset by November 2012


Wall Street Journal via…748969228.html

“There has been a lot of interest in what we’re doing and it has been a busy few months,” Mr. Hurmola said.

The investor consortium is made up of an array of mobile industry players—including at least one telecom operatorchip set maker, as well as device and component manufacturers. Mr. Hurmola, a former Nokia veteran, also said his company is putting €10 million of its own money into the plan, as well.


We’re also looking into mobile advertising models as a potential source of revenue,” he said. Mr. Hurmola plans to show off the first working MeeGo phone by Jolla in November, and Jolla will distribute its version of MeeGo free of charge to device makers.


Jussi has also indicated on his twitter account that since todays press release they can now move forward with the all important handset announcements.




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