iControlPad 2: The Open Source Controller

Having had a few tip-offs for this great looking product, and with only a few days to go to reach their target on KickStarter, I thought I’d make a post about the iContolPad.

It seems that there are a lot of QWERTY nuts like me out there so this would appear to offer the best of both worlds:  a snap on keyboard for when you require your touchscreen phone to be more versatile and the ability to simply remove it if you don’t need the extra ‘baggage’.

iControlPad: Shown Holding an Iphone


The iControlPad not only offers a full QWERTY experience, but also offers gaming controls which could be really handy.

Here are some quick facts:

• Fully user programmable microcontroller, running open-source software

• 55 key keyboard – Shoulder buttons – Twin analogue nubs – High-quality Dpad

 New swivel clamp for easier phone handling

• Works as a standard HID (keyboard, joystick, iCade etc) for anything with either bluetooth or USB connections (Mac, PC, Phones, Tablets, PS3 etc.)

Go and check out the video here and pledge if you like what you see as they appear to only have 3 days left to get their target!

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