Google Stats: Sailfish OS Vs Other New OS ?

Courtesy of Jolla, I just thought it would be interesting to show the Google News search stats for Jolla Sailfish against some other ‘up-and-coming’ OS’s.

The below graphs/charts show Jolla is one of the most searched of the new operating systems even ahead of W8, BB10 and some others which have been on the scene for a much longer time!

OS Search Results

Considering Jolla haven’t even shown off their OS yet, this just goes to show what momentum the team have behind them and how many people are interested in the Jolla story.

OS Search Results

The only OS which seems to have a bigger piece of the pie is WebOS which ironically, like MeeGo, was also unceremoniously dropped by the company (HP) who were supposed to be steering it.

Which OS do you think has the best chance of getting close to Android/IOS ?

My (somewhat predictable) prediction based on what the team already achieved at Nokia with Maemo/MeeGo, is that Jolla Sailfish will trample all over the competition!  hehe :-)

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