POST-SLUSH PART 1: A Critique (Positives)

Since the SLUSH event in Helsinki, Jolla have changed their status from a company which could have – for all intents and purposes to the ignorant bystander been vaporware for all they knew – to one that everyone in the tech world is now really taking notice of.

While the world of Tech sites undeniably do have their merits, it strikes me that what is probably the most important factor for Jolla to consider right now is how the various communities behind Jolla feel about the way things are shaping up.

My take on where Jolla are right now is largely positive I might add, but I have had a few things on my mind post-SLUSH that I would like to expand on which will be broken into 3 parts: Positives; Constructive Criticisms; and finally a Poll.  SLUSH in my mind was always going to be a huge potential turning point for Jolla – a ‘make or break moment’ if you will – and I feel Jolla have excelled and probably at least equalled (if not bettered) my own speculations for what I thought they would achieve.  For that I am immensely happy and like a father who has just seen his baby walk for the 1st time: hugely proud. :-)

I am going to take a very balanced approach on what I feel were both the positives and constructive criticisms that came out of the SLUSH event starting with the ‘positives’ in this part:

POSITIVES which came out of the SLUSH event:

  • Marc Dillon is really a perfect choice for CEO to help Jolla to the next stage!  With a very enigmatic, charismatic appeal, he really shined on the day and showed us just why he was chosen for CEO.  I also really like Jussi of course, but obviously Marc’s specific experience relating to product development will really propel Jolla in moving forward.  I was a little disappointed not to have seen Jussi at SLUSH but I am sure he was somewhere busy behind the scenes keeping the boat sailing onwards elsewhere. ;-)
  • Aside from some technical issues which were more down to the event organisers, Jolla’s keynote was frankly a breath of fresh air.  It was a fantastically choreographed entrance by the entire Jolla team and continued to be very entertaining (as well as informative) throughout the keynote.  I was hooked from the moment they came on stage as I’m sure most other viewers were.  Definitely job well done here!
  • I really loved how approachable and relaxed the team came across.  You really get the impression that every member of the Jolla team loved being there and love working for Jolla.  This makes for a happy crew and of course more importantly is the essence of a successful company.
  • I thought the internet side of things on the day was very well executed and again choreographed to perfection .  From the super cool, interactive new website opening the same day, to the matching image change on the twitter/fb accounts, to the new sexy logos (every one of them!) and so much more.   Jolla’s new web presence is perfect and succinct, with simplicity and a connection with the community reigning to the point of perfection – this refreshing new approach to a company’s web presence is a real game changer and one I am sure that will be imitated.
  • Sailfish OS:  I absolutely loved all that I saw of Jolla’s new OS and couldn’t be more happy with the developments so far although I do pick a few bones in the ‘constructive criticism’ part 2, the main complaint being I would have loved to have seen more indepth demos here and a slightly more ‘finished product’ being showcased.  This aside, whether it was the innovative multitasking widgets or the inventive new take on themes: ambience, Sailfish oozed class and hinted at a deeper functionality that would leave many competitors standing in the dark ages!
  • Another positive was the fact Jolla subtly confirmed Android app compatibility and this is definitely a good thing moving forward – another game changing move.
  • The confirmation of some more partners (importantly DNA and ST-Ericcson) were good pieces of juicy information which fill me with excitement moving forward and it was very positive to highlight these new partnerships during the event.
  • One of the biggest positive moves Jolla confirmed was the possibility of unofficial community support for the N9/N950 and the Sailfish OS.   This information is again game changing as far as I’m concerned.   By unofficially attracting N9/N950 users there is a huge mutually beneficial relationship which can develop here between Jolla and the community alike.  This can not be underestimated.
  • There were so many other positives such as the ‘unlike’ campaign which I loved, the groovy tee-shirts (each one with its unique catchphrase again deeply illustrating Jolla’s ethos which is all about individuality), and so many more I don’t have the time or space to list!

Anyway, I think that covers most of the main positives, but of course feel free to have your say if I missed anything or you would like to add further to the positives.  :-)

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