With both part 1 and part 2 of the critique out of the way now, it’s time to finish this trilogy with a nice and simple form of community expression to show Jolla how we gauge their achievements to date in a poll.

I have talked about many of the positive and negative aspects that I have been mulling over since SLUSH and while my view is largely positive, I also wanted to bring a dose of realism to the table by offering some constructive criticism as well.

In life, if you are told all the time ‘you are great’, you will never even think to improve and so it is important to offer an honest opinion in order for a person or company to not become complacent with their position.  Instead a balanced objective assessment is the only way forward and allows for a company to always strive for excellence.

With all of this in mind and now that the dust has finally settled post-SLUSH, here is a poll to complete for those interested in making a statement:

Of course, the most important thing to bear in mind when voting, is that the SLUSH event is only really the beginning for Jolla.

Onward Sails!!  ;-)

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  2. I make this statement deadly serious: I need Jolla to be either double SIM or triple SIM mobile. Single SIM is not able to cover my needs in work and private life. That is fundamental factor for me and growing number of users. Without double/triple SIM Jolla is NO GO for me. PLease be aware of this Jolla, and please pass this to Jolla. No matter how good/outstanding/perfect Sailfish and Jolla smartphone will be – without DOUBLE SIM or TRIPLE SIM I will not pay any attention on Jolla anymore, as I will have to look for a smartphone for me. Have you noticed this Jolla????? Again: DOUBLE SIM or TRIPLE SIM only!!! Hey, am I to repeat?? Again: DOUBLE SIM or TRIPLE SIM only!!! Please let them know about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I want to say this, when you are making presentations, please rehearse beforehand. Some of your presentations were incredibly awkward. I would like double sim also and hw keyboard. Either modular or fixed. I’m really looking forward to your phone and I think it’ll be my next one. I run company which whole idea is based on opensource code and I find it very inspirational!

    • In their defence, I thought they did a great job under the circumstances – remember this was only Jolla’s 1st big appearance and they can only get better with age/experience. :-) Keep up the good work with your company – sounds great – do you have a link ?

  4. I loved the look of it… it was new and wonderous but I felt I had my
    Jolla but was up the creek without a paddle.

    Virtualise the experience/presentation as you see it in your mind and more importantly as a person then draw all those facets back into the phone. It needs a journey or more aptly a voyage.
    One that always keeps coming back to the underlying theme and experience.

    The video was on the right track but should have been intermingled with the presentation and constantly referenced . I was unsure what presenters were presenting?

    If you want to take us on a voyage…make it a story of that.

  5. Please get yourselves stand up from the competition:
    1) By still supporting SD or microSD cards! You can even use them to make Jolla phones unbrickable (just boot from a standard image on the SD which restores the original system);
    2) Use standard connectors for ear plugs, mini-hdmi, microUSB for recharging, etc;
    3) Replaceable huge battery. Remember: the battery doesn’t need to be solid, but it has to be reasonably easy to replace (maybe a few screws, but easy);
    4) Use all currently available sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, temperature, magnetic, humidity, distance, light, etc);

    5) I specially like the dual screen suggestion. Maybe a backend made of e-ink and a thin layer of AMOLED on top of it. Each one controlled individually (like two monitors with the same resolution).

  6. Actually I still need an answer to the question: Will there be some “Unlike the Ordinary” T-shirts on sale soon?

    That way, Jolla could do some unexpensive viral marketing.

  7. I would to suggest you to make jolla compatible to all type and mark of smartphone, like this people could replace his OS mobile to JOLLA OS easily.

  8. I am all in favour of what is going on here, but what we need are some real hard products soon which are not 2 years behind the market leaders. I am desperately wanting to buy smartphones and tablets using this technology which frees me from being enslaved to Apple Google or Microsoft but I can’t wait forever.

    • What’s with the massive necro? The vast bulk of users aren’t going to care what you think (or even notice) with such a massive necro. But on to you (extremely) belated point… We will have the info you require (or most of it) following their presentation at MWC. Do note that this co. was founded March 2011, & they’ve only been working with any sort of focus since Oct 2011. Then they were tiny, & even today there’s only about 50 of them, so to get where they are so far is pretty damn impressive. Don’t expect cutting-edge SoC, I’ve been digging & from my investigations I suspect (but dont yet KNOW) it’ll be something like the U8500. But that doesn’t mean other aspects of the hw can’t be top-notch, screen etc. Tablet is a long way off, they’ve already made clear that they’re focusing on smartphones & getting that right 1st. Another Sailfish vendor may release one before them…

  9. Would love to get a real hands on interactive demo of Sailfish UI on my N9 to see how it looks and feels. I will be upgrading in the near future – I will wait to see what you deliver first. The price range of phones $500 > $800 is good, subject to features offered.