With both part 1 and part 2 of the critique out of the way now, it’s time to finish this trilogy with a nice and simple form of community expression to show Jolla how we gauge their achievements to date in a poll.

I have talked about many of the positive and negative aspects that I have been mulling over since SLUSH and while my view is largely positive, I also wanted to bring a dose of realism to the table by offering some constructive criticism as well.

In life, if you are told all the time ‘you are great’, you will never even think to improve and so it is important to offer an honest opinion in order for a person or company to not become complacent with their position.  Instead a balanced objective assessment is the only way forward and allows for a company to always strive for excellence.

With all of this in mind and now that the dust has finally settled post-SLUSH, here is a poll to complete for those interested in making a statement:

Of course, the most important thing to bear in mind when voting, is that the SLUSH event is only really the beginning for Jolla.

Onward Sails!!  ;-)

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