Sailfish Vs MeeGo Harmattan Mashup

Check this concept video out where someone has combined the best of Sailfish OS with MeeGo Harmattan:


It’s an interesting concept because it keeps the familiarity of the MeeGo Harmattan layout (notifications to the left, app grid central and multitasking to the right), but with the new look and feel of the Sailfish OS.

But i’m not sure if it’s maybe heading too much like the MeeGo Harmattan concept and not differentiating enough.

What do you think ?

Via: mynokiablog


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  1. i think the only reason sailfish is noticeably different to harmatten is because nokia own the rights to that UI. Jolla have had to do a difficult job in creating something as good as Harmatten which doesn’t get the nokia lawyers exited. (but i bet they’ll be busy when blackberry 10 arrives!)

    • I think you’re right on all accounts there! Whether Nokia will go after RIM when BB10 is released remains to be seen – we’ll be keeping a close eye on the action! :-)

      • I’m not sure there is an IP matter here. Instead of the great features of Harmattan, Jolla had to bring something fresh. They tries to bring the UX paradigm (less manipulations, intuitive gestures, one hand use) higher, while BB 10 stays at the same level with just a few specifics features (even if they are very good: balance, pics, notifications setting). Pulley menus: whatever the size of the screen I can easily interact with one hand, Interactive Covers: no need to open the app to activate main features, and Ambiance: change the background and may be profils, accounts, set automatic changes …

        Those features are greats and may be very useful for many devices. Check this vid at 9:03 mostly “Components” They are many things that can be configured or set. To me just Ubuntu Phone OS has shown something that can fight with Sailfish on innovation and usabiity fieds.

    • I prefer a less nasty reason… They’d just not finished the event feed/notification panel.

      In the demos they’ve shown so far, there has been no event feed or notifications and the single vertically scrolling panel in the home screen only shows a max of 4 apps running as cards.

      Only 4 cards is going to be quite limiting so they must sort that out.

      No events/notifications isn’t going to work either.

      I would guess we’ll see Harmattan style horizontal swipes from the home screen as well as vertical.

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  3. That’s just beautifull. I use the notifications screen very often. I hope they will come with something like this but I do also believe they will come with something better.

  4. Swipe UI is an unpolished UI in the first place. Everything Jolla been doing to Sailfish OS is somehow the rough of idea of how Swipe UI should evolves. The minimalistic is the main idea behind swipe UI. The pulley menu and interactive multi-task homescreen are welcomed addition. But swiping to go back kinda mess up with some apps as some apps using swipe left right to go for other menu.

    • If the Swipe UI in the N9 is “unpolished” then something is seriously wrong.

      The n900’s UI was unpolished, but the N9’s certaintly wasn’t unpolished.

  5. It is hard to talk about Swipe vs Jolla UX since we have not seen any of the “notification management” around Twitter/Facebook and other social media sites in Jolla’s OS. The basic premise of making the home screen more about the apps you use is the right direction – how many times do you need to swipe over to the 3rd screen in N9 to “do something”. So the question remains what will solcial media look like on Jolla?

  6. Wonderfull concept!! Only one thing: dont let UI so poor of colors and fantasy.. The themes of all system must be original.. Meego Blanco themese is poor and concepted need improvement on jolla sail fish

    • adding this:
      the applications grind or launcher screen have icons more beatifull than sailfish
      i must tell you, the icons grind and the icons of sailfish launcher screen is sad and less original. It same as N900 icons.. Is not beautifull these icons, meego style is preferred

  7. the pulley menues in sailfish improved on the pulley menues in the N9 by auto-selecting based on how far you pull making it a one-pull movement instead of pull and click as in the N9.

    Making the live applications be a part of the main screen is a good idea but the live feed view form the N9 is too valuable to remove. I suggest a side-scrolling 1/3rd of the height of the screen for selecting among live application tiles, and se the lower 2/3rd for the notification feeds. (Like the N9 has date, weather etc at top, the sailfish could claim a bit more of the space and actually put the live applications there. sort of like in an alt+tab fashion, you’ll scroll through them from left to right).

    The launcher menu with applications is, to me, a riddle. We’re working with a phone here and as such, our contacts really need to be more pervasive in the interface. The n900 did this OK by allowing you to put contacts as widgets, but I believe that contacts, websites, maps, any data for that matter, should be placable in the main launcher menu and when clicked, either start the application that handles the given data (with the data locatino as a parameter) or open a context menu and allow direct interaction with the data.

    I faked some screenshots of this, will post them in a follow up comment once I’ve cleaned them up a bit.

    • So to make things more clear:

      The live applications should show on the events & notifications page because they tell us what is happening at the moment. They should take enough space to show a clear picture of what’s happening but not obstruct the event feed. Here’s an image:

      The launcher from which you start applications should allow each object a given amount of space and then let these objects determine what to show in that space, and what to do when clicked. If the object does not have these capabilities you should show a standard icon for the associated program and clicking the object starts the program. If the object does support these capabilities though, then it can do useful things. For example, you could put a contact as an object in your launcher, which would then show you their online status, and when clicked give you a context menu of common actions. A weather program could display the current weather and when clicked show context actions for changing the location to show for, or configure the object. Here’s two images:

      I wish phone OS developers would listen to this and realize that our data inside our phones and the people connected to us with them are much more valuable than the random applications and functions our phones support, and build workflows that allows us to be more natural when handling our phones. Instead of focusing on the millions of random applications one could get, focus on the life people have and what they would do with it if we’d remove the obstructions that is complex 3rd party applications with their own UI guidelines and whatnot.


      • App tiles should be resizable to the pixel by the user and allow developers to display information/data/etc… It should not be a requirement to launch an application to see/interact with some useful data.

        • the ability to resize them to unknown sizes presents problems for designers, but I could agree on having 2 default sizes to select between (2×2 and 3×3 grid sizes). I agree completely that you should not need to launch an application to interact with data, and to that end I suggested that applications that manage data of a given type adds contexts for that data. this allows the user to install new applications to gain new ways of interacting with their data, both inside the application itself and on the launcher view.

          • disregard the idea of non-resizable app tiles, I mistook them for the current view in harmatten, not my suggestion. In my suggestion they’d simply be scaled by the GPU and as long as they are large enough to be flipped through with a thumb I’d say they’re big enough.

  8. When i doing call with haarmattan if it search for connection, your applet call screen will be covered by internet window. So if u want reject the call u cannot. U must first of all close windwons of internt.. Very bad
    other way webbrowser dosent refresh and remain to empty page; whazzup when i need dosent connect and i must reboot. Reboot need one minute to charge system… Windows reboot faster than Meego Harmattan.
    N9 meego make me crazy

    • let us install sailfish on N9 for now while waiting for your device. Please im sure that sailfish is less crasher than Harmattan

  9. im stuff with N9… stop my pain!!
    N900 Wifii at the same distance with the same AccessPoint is more fast than N9’s Wifii!!!!
    N9 Wifii cant reach some WLAN that Iphone/Android can reach
    If i have 100% battery and use my Camera to do a video, after 5minutes, battery range go red and phone go to bed!
    If i have N9 in my bedroom at MAX volume and go away by 20 meters i cant listen any noises, and so u miss calls
    Windows NT boot is more fast than N9’s boot
    Front camera have nosense
    then Jolla, dont make these error with yours new devic, please

    this poor fuctions are illusions for a LinuxOwner