Prototype Build S1.12 (RM-680 codename “Dali”) in the Wild

This comes via a maemo thread and mynokiablog

Someone at has posted photos of what looks to be a prototype device similar to the N950, running Maemo 6  before Nokia moved to the Swipe UI of MeeGo Harmattan on the N9.

There are some photos and a short video also to see what could have been had Nokia stuck with Maemo developments.   This would have most likely been the true successor to the Nokia N900.

N950 running Maemo 6 (?)

N950 running Maemo 6 (?)

Nice looking UI shown here and as you can see from the top of the screen it shows the 4 page scroller dots which were also seen in Maemo 5 running on the N900.

Maemo 6 multitasking view

Maemo 6 multitasking view

Here is the multitasking view shown and again this is almost identical to the multitasking layout on the N900 running maemo 5.


Original prototype shows removable case

Original prototype shows removable case

Like the N900, this prototype (RM-680) running Maemo 6 had a removable rear panel to make replacing/accessing the battery possible, a feature which was later dropped in the Nokia N9.

Here is a link to a very short youtube video showing the device in action:

The icons look really nice in this iteration (more similar to MeeGo squircles than Maemo icons) and the permanent dialler/messaging etc section at the bottom looks slick assuming it is also customisable.

I guess this just nicely illustrates the evolution point between Maemo 5 > MeeGo Harmattan and what could have been had Nokia stuck with Maemo.

I’m sure the Jolla guys would have been a part of the team working on this so it’s also a nice retrospective tribute to their hard work which unfortunately never saw the light of day, but did inevitably lead to the great Nokia N9.

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    • Yes I remember when those images first surfaced and people wern’t sure if it was a fake or not. Seems these new images prove it wasn’t a fake after all. You could well be right but looking at the UI it still looked a lot closer to Maemo 5 than what later became MeeGo Harmattan.

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  2. How soon can we expect this….maemo is a good and well capable software, Nokia should rethink and show decency by introducing the N900’s successor since N950 was for a selected few and nokia n9 don’t meet up n900’s do-it-all capability.