Official Infinity Press Release 11/03

Media release 11. March 2013

Infinity and Jolla form a design partnership

The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Jolla has chosen Infinity as its partner for designing a new mobile phone. Infinity, previously known as Provoke, specialises in designing and inventing consumer products.

Infinity, the leading design agency in Finland, has partnered up with Jolla for the industrial design of Jolla’s new smartphone. Infinity and Jolla have already worked together for six months.

“For us, the partnership with Jolla is a great opportunity to apply our strong experience in working with products aimed at the global market. The best part of the co-operation is that we get to create something unique, something that will impact an entire industry,” says Veikko Rihu, Managing Director at Infinity Design.

Infinity’s extensive experience and know-how in the field of mobile electronics impressed Jolla. The fact that the two companies share a similar mindset was also important.

“The Infinity team is very passionate and committed, and they always strive to achieve the best possible results. Jolla works in a similar way.Our contacts at Infinity always know exactly what is going on in our projects. We are extremely happy with the co-operation,” says Martin Schüle, Chief Designer at Jolla Ltd.

New brand identity and new name

This year, Infinity celebrates its ten-year journey. To mark the event, the company created a new look and changed its name from Provoke to Infinity. The new name better reflects the core ideology of the company.

“We believe that it is not enough to improve what already exists. Instead, true success is based on passion and inventions that are genuinely user-centred. Infinity was born out of the idea that there are no limits. Anything is possible for those who dare to dream, to think differently and to make things happen. Our job is to create better futures and to help companies succeed by giving them a better understanding of the end customers and their needs,” summarises Mikko Kämäräinen, CEO of the Infinity group.

Infinity operates in Europe, the United States and China. Infinity’s customer projects have resulted in 64 patents worldwide.

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