All You Need To Know: Porting MeeGo Harmattan Apps To Sailfish

For anyone in the ‘app making game’, this is just a quick post with a few links in case you were looking to port any existing MeeGo Harmattan apps (Nokia N9) ready for Sailfish OS (Jolla Phone).

The first port of call is the Sailfish Wiki page which gives useful information here:

Similarities between MeeGo and Sailfish

Similarities and Differences between MeeGo and Sailfish

And there are a few other helpful tutorials that can be found here:



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  1. Lack of a security manifest is a little troubling. Hopefully there is some other approach to ensure app integrity.

    Speaking of which, an interesting presentation at the recent Tizen Conference concerned using the LLVM intermediate representation to provide a basis for static security analysis of app code. This is still in the academic, experimental stage. But the presenter pointed out that it could be used
    1) to qualify apps when they are added to an app store, and
    2) to potentially provide a processor-independent app form which could be converted into one of several target processor types as needed.

    Not sure how Jolla have planned to address app / phone security. As pointed out in a WSJ interview with Kaspersky, it may take an especially traumatic attack before mobile security is treated seriously. I hope Jolla don’t provide that initial soft target. :-)

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