DNA Press Release 22.11.13

Just to let you know that DNA have released a full press release today about the Jolla launch.

Here are some direct quotes from the press release, otherwise you can read it in full here.

Invitations to the launch event were sent to the first pre-bookers last week, and the event filled up immediately. The remaining consumers who have made a pre-booking will have the opportunity to purchase their phones in early December. Everyone who has pre-booked a Jolla phone will receive instructions by e-mail for purchasing their phone.

Interestingly, the majority of demand, in Finland at least, has come from those of the male persuasion:

Demand across Finland

Consumers have been able to pre-book Jolla devices since May 2013, and thousands of Finns have made bookings. Interest in the devices is strong across Finland. A third of pre-bookings have been made in the Helsinki metropolitan area, but all of the larger cities are well represented, and smartphones have been booked in the countryside as well – all the way to northernmost Lapland.

The clear majority of pre-bookers are male.

So come on ladies, what are you waiting for, come aboard the Jolla ship!  Unless of course your loving ‘other halves’ are in fact all buying you a special Jolla gift for Christmas, in which case the results could be misleading and what a nice surprise you’re going to have! ;-)

To read the full DNA press release, you can visit this link here: http://www.dna.fi

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