The Boat Sails On: Next Stop Portugal

We have found some very interesting news recently which relates to Jolla’s ongoing plans to spread their Sailfish driven handset far and wide.

First stop, Portugal where Jolla have now confirmed (according to this article) handsets will go on sale in December – here’s a quote via Google translate:

Now, Portugal is the second country to sell the smartphone, which costs 399 euros and is available online now no’início December. Carlos Horta e Costa (former President of CTT), José Horta e Costa and Pedro Marques are responsible for the company’s entry into Portugal.

Rather aptly, the country famous for it’s large sea port (and fortified wine; great football amongst other things!), in the 15/16 centuries created a vast empire which spread as far as South America. Could we maybe see some parallels here with Jolla’s spread to bring Sailfish to the masses ?


Here’s a quote from Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimaki himself:

“We know that the Portuguese are ‘early adopters’, they fall to the new technologies. And we knew that Nokia had a good reputation here, “explains the CEO of Jolla, Tomi Pienimäki in an interview with Mad Money.

There is also a rather nice video that goes along with the article, where you see how the ‘other half’ interacts with the handset in more detail. In this case by switching the other half, we see the phone immediately downloading new apps and changing the theme. You can watch the video in full here:

So will Portugal be the last port of call before Jolla realise their plans to sail Eastwards to China and bring their Sailfish infused handset to the Orient?

According to an earlier tweet, that just may be so:

Stay tuned to find out…

Sail On!



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