Jolla: Landing to pre-order customers *UPDATED 12.12*

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A week ago this sailor was heard mumbling “Where’s that ship?”

Updates 12.12.2013:

  • Jolla has officially apologized for the delays at their webshop support site
  • Shipping to outside Finland is starting. Yesterday 800 of these pre-orders were updated to “In picking” status, today the number has been growing. There are at least 4000 customers waiting for their new phones outside Finland. In addition to that, most of the finnish 1st pre-order customers are also still in the waiting queue, while 2nd wave customers in Finland are already picking their phones (if they checked a DNA Shop for their pickup)
  • DNA shops have received only a limited amout of phones, but enough for all their shops in Finland. Some have been already sold to public, some are reserved for 2nd wave pre-order customers until Saturday morning.
  • Jolla hasn’t officially informed the amounts of orders or sales, nor how many phones are delivered to DNA. A longer while ago, the latest official statement of amounts was that pre-order campaigns have gathered about 20 000 interested customers in 136 countries. How many of these have actually ordered the phone is unknown, but by the information I’ve received from other customers, I carefully dare to estimate that more than 10 000 phones are ordered from Jolla by now. Their goal for this year is to sell 20 000 phones, and for next year, 1 million phones.

UPDATE 5.12.2013: Great news! Orders have started to change from “Paid” to “In picking”.
You can check your pre-order status at

Original article:
According to the order information from my fellow sailors (thanks for sharing),  about 4800 pre-order customers have completed the order by 2.12, to date. The pre-order campaign has sold an average of 450 phones daily (in increasing speed). This number includes only those customers who have paid the phone by 2.12.2013 – there are a lot more pre-order customers making their decision later, most of them looking forward to test the phone in DNA shops before the final decision. The voucher is valid until summer, so they have plenty of time left.

EDIT by JT: This information above is pure speculation by Simo based on user ID numbers acquired on the 2.12.  User ID numbers may not relate sequentially and/or in any kind of given order.  We still go by the official stats which were stated at the launch:  20,000 pre-orders are to be shipped in the month of December.

Jolla opened a web store and invited all the pre-order customers in with an email campaign starting 21.11.2013. Jolla promised the phones to be delivered in 3-4 weeks from the date of completing the order, but this promise is valid for only those customers who completed the order in time (by 2.12.2013.) Jolla has also promised to prior these pre-order customers through europe, before the phone starts to sell to public in DNA Shops in Finland.

No phones (except for 450 already sold in Jolla’s introduction event) are reported to be at pre-order customers hands yet, so it’s interesting to see how fast Jolla is able to deliver these. I’m sure they’ll do it in good time before Christmas, as otherwise they would have either an angry partner or a bunch of angry customers – and neither is something a new manufacturer would need.

We have 20 days, but only 13 working days before Christmas in Finland. If we share half of these days to Jolla’s pre-order customers, and another half to DNA Shops Christmas campaigns, Jolla might use some help. Especially if the phones are still in a ship. Post office of Finland might need a helping hand too.

We remember another statement from Jolla: “shipping starts at 27.11.” Well, literally speaking shipping starts from the harbour of the manufacturing country. This route takes 30-35 days for slow freight to Finland, so there is still a possibility that both the customers and the partner will get disappointed.

EDIT by JT: We do not currently have evidence of where pre-order devices are shipping from after 27.11.  Most likely Finland or China.

Thumbs up for Jolla! “Hyvää kannattaa odottaa”, a finnish saying for “Good things are worth waiting”. However, I’d love the Jolla’s customer service to inform their customers better – even if late (and only if), it’s still better to tell about it in time. However, while no new information is provided by Jolla, we are expected to refer to the latest one told: Phones will be delivered in 3-4 weeks after the order is completed.

EDIT by JT:  Jolla explicitly told customers there will be a 3-4 week waiting period from the time of payment.  There would be no reason for a further update from Jolla unless those terms could not be met.  If you have other issues relating to your pre-order, email: for a response.  Or alternatively, follow @JollaHQ for latest official news from Jolla on twitter.

Remember, every email that needs responding to just requires more time from more Sailors = potentially more delays.  Let’s just try to keep patient for a few more weeks. ;-)

by Simo, edited by JT

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