Jolla Drop Beta Status: Latest Sailfish Update Available Now For Download!

News just in that after a number of monthly updates since inception, Jolla have finally decided to drop the “Beta” status of Sailfish with latest update!!

The community has had a huge input working together with Jolla on what people feel are priority improvements and that can certainly be seen in the extensive list of improvements we get with this latest update.

It’s here: Jolla’s Sailfish OS is out of beta and brings lots of cool new features!

Improved performance, internet sharing, camera updates, better Jolla store, and more…
Jolla’s mobile operating system Sailfish OS has today reached yet another BIG milestone. Our fourth software update, in just a few months, is a major one, and it introduces a wide array of intriguing new features, as well as many visual and performance improvements.

With this major update we have decided to remove the beta tag, as we truly believe Sailfish OS 1.0 and the Jolla smartphone now offer a viable alternative for all smartphone users around the world. Naturally we are not stopping here, as we continue to provide monthly software updates to Jolla devices and Sailfish OS.

Smoother user experience and performance

The last months we’ve been working hard to make the Sailfish OS perform as effectively and effortlessly as possible. With a lot of new optimizations and stability fixes, the user experience is now faster than ever, making multitasking and other actions, like flicking and panning lists smoother than before.

We’re also introducing many visual improvements that make the user experience flow smoother than before. We’ve e.g. tuned the pulley menus, and effects on switches and progress bars, added lots of new graphic icons to the flow, and enhanced many visuals for different swipe actions in the user interface.

Landscape mode is now supported in the gallery, messaging, email and notes applications, and we added an orientation lock function, so that you can keep your desired orientation by simply holding your finger on the screen. Jolla store also received a new look and functionalities, and the phone settings have now many new options as well.

Enhanced camera and Internet Sharing

In this update, we added many new settings to the camera. Among these are a self-timer, a three option viewfinder grid, tap-to-focus function, new ISO settings, exposure compensation settings as well as a new camera application cover to the home screen. The camera performance is also now better than before.

One feature that our user community have requested is mobile hotspot on Jolla. We decided to make it happen in this update. You can now easily share the mobile data connection via WLAN using Internet Sharing in the settings menu, and use your Jolla as an internet access point for other devices.

Moving to Jolla made easier

One of the challenging issues for many people switching to a new smart phone is the transfer of contacts from the old phone. We’ve now made this easier for new Jolla users, by providing easy transfer of contacts from selected old phones over Bluetooth for devices supporting SyncML.

We also now support exporting and importing backup data with the memory card, which gives you an easy way to back-up your content.

Update your Jolla now!
Here’s how to update your Jolla:

1. Be sure you have signed into your Jolla account from the phone or that you create a new Jolla account from your phone. When the update is available for your device, you’ll see a notification in the events view.
2. Disable all openrepos before initiating the update.
3. Tapping the notification will take you to the Store where you can download the update. Follow the on-screen instructions.
4. Choose install from the pulley menu.

Do not reboot the device while the OS update installation is in progress. The process takes up to 10 minutes. During the download, the device screen might blank out. You may awake the display with a short press on the power key to monitor the progress. When the download has completed there will be an instruction on the screen to install the update – use the pulley menu again. A view with Sailfish logo and progress bar appears. Once the install phase is completed the phone proceeds to restart by itself, do NOT touch the power key.

Check out also the full technical release notes here!

If you’ve already updated feel free to comment below on how it’s gone, what you love about the latest update or anything related.

Thanks Jolla for all your hard work over the past months and Sail On!!



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