Jolla: Confirms Onscreen Keyboard Details

In another day with a lot going on in terms of news, with Jolla taking to the stage earlier, it appears we have also had some more important info leak from the Oracle that is #JollaHQ.

So the touchscreen keyboard has now been confirmed as the same open source type that was on the Nokia N9: Maliit.  Obviously it may not be identical to the N9 keyboard, but nevertheless it stems from the same open source code.

Maliit Keyboard On Nokia N9

Maliit Keyboard On Nokia N9

Maliit provides a flexible and cross-platform input method framework for mobile and embedded text input, including a virtual keyboard. It has a plugin-based client-server architecture where applications act as clients and communicate with the Maliit server via input context plugins.

Maliit is an open source framework (LGPL 2) with open source plugins (BSD). There are also proprietary plugins. It runs on most GNU/Linux distributions.

See some Screenshots, photos and videos, read reviews and Contact us.

Maliit’s page shows our development history.

This is good news as the Nokia N9’s keyboard was very good with very nice haptic feedback and the Maliit-based onscreen keyboard will definitely benefit from the Jolla’s slightly larger screen (4.5″ vs 3.9″).

The question of the Swype keyboard has been raised a number of times here and now we know that it is the same keyboard as the N9 (which had Swype compatibility), perhaps it opens the possibility for a Swype port to run with Jolla’s Maliit-based keyboard ?

You can read more about Maliit here:

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