MindTrek: Marc Dillon On Stage During the Openmind Sessions

I’m not sure if many of you know, but Marc Dillon has been presenting this afternoon for the Openmind 2013 session @ Mindtrek, Tampere, Finland.

Mindtrek is an “international three-day forum about the future of tech, knowledge and media.” 


14.30 – 15.15

Creating an open platform with Jolla and Sailfish OS
Marc Dillon
Co-founder and Head of Software, Jolla


Nevertheless, while Marc has now finished his session, we are starting to get a few snippets of information leaking through from the event.


Dillon On Stage At MindTrek 2013

Dillon Takes A 'Selfie' And Uses For His Ambience.

Dillon Takes A ‘Selfie’ And Uses For The Onscreen Ambience.

There are quite a few ‘quotes’ coming from the event and one of the most intriguing or mysterious is the one below which we believe to be a quote from Dillon himself:

We’re not sure what this entails exactly but it sounds like some kind of reward scheme for Jolla owners, like a kind of lottery system maybe  ?

EDIT. Cybette has clarified this statement for us:

it’s basically an internal thing only for Jolla employees. We each (in the company) get a chip every month to give it to someone (in the company) we think has done a great job the preceding month. That’s the bonus system.

Anyhow, it sounds as though Marc was in his usual super inspiring form and at least Steve Wozniak who was speaking this morning for the main keynote now knows who Jolla are:

Ironically, the photos of Marc on stage (above) were taken with the super camera phone that is the Nokia 1020…. is it my eyesight or after all the hype, do they look a little mediocre ?

Sail On!

EDIT: The middle image of Marc (in the tweet) was taken with a Lumia 900 but the other 2 large photos of Marc were taken with the Lumia 1020.


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