Welcome Aboard: New Guest Writers


I have great pleasure in welcoming some new members to the JollaTides guest writing team!

Our new writers represent some of the movers and shakers from the Jolla community over the past few years and we are very excited to welcome them aboard. :-)


In alphabetical order:


Twitter handle: @fk_lx

Filip is a real mover and shaker in the FOSS community and amongst other things is the organiser of SmartDevCon in Poland, where Jolla’s Vesa Matti and David Greaves attended earlier this year.  We first met Filip earlier this year and have to say he will be a real asset to the team.


Twitter handle: @jjaone

Jukka is another great Jolla community leader who has his very own open IT research website which specialises in all things open source.  He is also our resident Finn, so we very much look forward to his reports from the land where Jolla originated!


Twitter handle: @mfarotusino

Chief Editor at mynokiablog is Michael’s day job where he has been a fervent reporter, and staunch advocator of the MeeGo-based Nokia N9 and now Jolla.  We very much look forward to welcoming Michael aboard and know that he will feel right at home here.


In other introductions over at our brand new Community Port, we also further welcome two very capable experts in, andrebechet and technicus who are both very knowledgable and passionate about all things Jolla and join us as new community moderators over there.  Both andre and technicus are looking at writing native Sailfish apps for Jolla and you may also hear from them here on the main blog occasionally if they have time to spare!

Speaking on behalf of our new team, as the Jolla handsets start reaching peoples hands, we all very much look forward to continue in helping spread more awareness about Jolla and serving the Jolla community at large by being here for you, delivering news, reviews, discussion and further insights whenever we can.  We also of course welcome any new, active, passionate Jolla community followers who would like to write for us in future please contact us through the Community Port messaging system.

Sail On!




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