Jolla Launch: 6 Days To Go And The Undeniable Buzz!!

I can feel the excitement in the air already, in the twittersphere, blogosphere, everywhere I look, it’s really so electric at the moment with the lead up to the Jolla launch that everyone is talking about… only 6 days to go can you believe it!!

I’m not sleeping, it feels like I’m going to have my first baby, this is crazy, I’ve never felt like this for a material object before ever in my life!  But that is because the Jolla is so much more to me and many others… the perfect combination of well over a year of lovingly crafted, cleverly thought out, unbridled blood, sweat and tears: yin meets yang, sweet software meets balanced hardware, one half meets another half…. this is “The Jolla”!


The build up for the past 1.5 years is finally coming to a grand climax on the 27th November and I can totally feel it everywhere I look, my only thoughts are on Jolla, Jolla, Jolla FTW!!!

So to update you, in order to save on fuel, we have supplied our press pass to our new young accomplice jjaone who will be on the ground for us in Helsinki for the big Jolla/DNA launch. He will be keeping us updated by sending some exclusive photos/video through to us so we can give you updates on the day.

My adrenaline seems like it’s on a permanent drip feed at the moment with all the anticipation and build up, my emotions are all over the place, and I can’t see that slowing down until launch day itself, but most probably it will continue to flow long after.

I know that many are desperately monitoring their inboxes waiting for that email confirmation to let them know how to go about ordering their first Jolla and the word on the street is that it will happen soon so keep patient (don’t go too crazy like me)!

We’ll of course continue to provide updates as they come in and will be so looking forward to the day itself and the forthcoming reviews/handsons etc as they gradually trickle out.

I really don’t know what to do with all this surplus energy, I think I need to go on a very long run or even go sailing… maybe if I left now, I could reach the main port in Helsinki just in time for the launch! :-)

Sail On!







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