5 Days to Go: Some more gossip in the grain

With only 5 days to go before the SLUSH event in Helsinki, Jolla have been quite rightly shrouded in secrecy.

Anyhow, in the meantime, we have heard through the grapevine a few more delicious snippets to whet our appetites in the run up to the event.

The first snippet comes from a translated Finnish source: http://www.digitoday.fi/vimpaimet/2012/09/26/jolla-haluaa-vieda-meegoa-uusiin-laitteisiin/201238635/66

Please note the translation is not brilliant, but at least we can get the idea:

Jolla phone will be new features and functionality. Hurmola the example of a new way to send messages or make a calendar.

This sounds interesting – ‘a new way to send messages or make calendar’ ?  Could Jussi be talking about more voice integration or perhaps another quicker way to send a message or set up an appointment – any guesses here ?

The other source is: http://www.radiocity.fi/uutiset/vapaalla/jollan-toimitusjohtaja-kaipaa-nokialta-ja-applelta-jotain-uutta/2/3896

We want to bring customizability with us. Everyone, who purchases a Jolla device, will be able to mold it as he/she likes both in physical and UX aspects.

This sounds very interesting indeed – a moldable form factor ?  Perhaps the translation is slightly misleading in this case and by ‘mold’, Jussi is referring to changing for example the case or shell ?   Also from this statement it definitely sounds like the UX is customizable just as we hoped!

Either way, this information shows promise of more exciting things from Jolla along the way – whether the finer details will become more clear at the SLUSH event is anyones guess – lets hope so!!

Thanks to jiipee for the tips!

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