Jolla: New Partnerships Moving forward

As can be seen from the photo taken earlier at the keynote speech, here we see Antii Saarnio speaking of partnerships.

Antti Saarnio Speaking of Profits, Partners and T-shirts

Although it’s quite hard to make out, we can see that there are a growing number there from the backdrop – some of them we’ve seen already, some of them new:

D.Phone – China’s largest retailer for mobile phones and accessories

DNA – Finnish mobile network

Joiku – Produces Mobile WiFi HotSpot software for Nokia phones

Myriad – Myriad Alien Dalvik enables Android applications to operate on non-Android devices

Opera – Web browser veterans making browsers for most major mobile phone platforms

ST-Ericsson – Industry leader in design, development, and the creation of cutting-edge mobile platforms and wireless semiconductors.

Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

Tencent, Inc.- has grown into China’s largest and most used Internet service portal.

The biggest news today really were the announced deals with Finnish network DNA who Jolla plan to market their handset with in 2013 and the ST-Ericsson deal which was mentioned in the Jolla press release earlier today.

“We warmly welcome ST-Ericsson onboard. It is great that this industry leader is partnering with us and Sailfish. ST- ‐Ericsson’s NovaThor platform combined with Sailfish OS will enable vendors to bring highly competitive mobile products to the market. We welcome other players in the mobile industry to join and contribute to this game changing movement.  We also target to announce other chipset provider partnerships soon,” said Marc Dillon,CEO  of Jolla.

Myriad was also another exciting prospect confirming Jolla’s interest to make Sailfish compatible with Android apps.

So I guess that just about wraps up a very busy day in Jolla world – well done Jolla and looking forward to seeing the SDK story tomorrow @ SLUSH!

Let us know what you think of the partnerships Jolla have made so far – are there any ‘dream’ partnerships you would like to see there?

Thanks for reading! ;-)

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