New Jolla Handset: Register Your Interest

I know we haven’t seen the finished product yet as such, but we have seen Sailfish running in many videos and are now forming an idea of what the handset will possibly look like (4′-5′ touchscreen with range of colours (orange and possibly green confirmed)).

Jolla Phone

So for Jolla’s benefit here is a chance to register interest early in the new pre-order to perhaps give Jolla an idea of what the demand will look like and allow Jolla a chance to prepare in advance.

Please note this is just a poll to register your interest and does not in any way guarantee you get one of the pre-order handsets.  Information on how to pre-order will follow shortly after Jolla reveal the handset later this month.

So without further ado, here is the poll and please take the time to choose an option if you are in anyway contemplating getting the new Jolla branded handset when the pre-order is ready:

Please also feel free to expand on your choice in the comments below – if you chose for example ‘if the price is right’ option let us know what your budget would be as this would be important feedback for Jolla – thanks! :-)

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  1. If jolla give me such reason to throw away my nokia n9 ,then ofcource i ll definitely buy jolla handset.
    Otherwise more curious to wait to port sailfish os on my beautyful but become uselss without apps nokia n9.

    • I agree open sourcing it is a must, to be coherent with the openness and the ecosystem message. I’ve had it with hindered phones!

  2. They need to fully open source it before I would dive in. Having the UI proprietary is a big mistake. We have seen from all the Android mods (cyanogen, pacman, etc) that communities can grow and improve the experience. Even Ubuntu with the portathons have got lots of early interest.

    With the current closed source UI this is not legal with Jolla/Sailfish and so you will not get geek momentum, and no Mer/Nemo is not the same. This was a mistake for the N9 but with all the mismanagement it was one among many problems. Even now Maemo is better supported than the N9 Meego/Harmattan OS as it is not fully open.

    I have a N9 and would love to try a port of Jolla but unless Jolla licence it then it is warez and this not the open source way.

    Until it is fully open I will look at Ubuntu Touch but once Jolla is open they will have my support and that of most Linux geeks.

    • I agree open sourcing it is a must, to be coherent with the openness and the ecosystem message. I’ve had it with hindered phones!

  3. If it isn’t too large and has physical qwerty I’ll buy it yestterday. Unfortunatly it’s hinted at being too large.

    • Same here: qwerty would be lovely, but my N9 is already on the verge of being too big, and its screen is only 3.9″…

  4. Well we don’t really know size 100% at this point so we’ll have to wait and see. I agree having Sailfish to play with on N9 would have been a nice way to test the water and probably will still happen, but then again having optimised hardware to show off Sailfish in the best possible way is my 1st choice. The N9 is almost 2yrs old now since announcement so really I think we can afford to move onto some fresh hardware and support Jolla for all the hard work they have put in no ?

    • I probably buy Jolla phone if have a good offline maps, dual sim, opera, and reasonable price.
      But there are lots of N9 units on market, and other phones, so it’s a interesting idea to sell also pure operating system.
      My wife has N9 so, she’ll be happy to upgrade system.
      I have Lumia 820 (from job) and I really dislike Windows 8 on it. Meego is better in every aspect I compare that phones.
      So I’ll also be happy to change operating system.

      • Dual-sim, openstreetmaps offline navigation, infrared port, qwerty keyboard, good battery life, and not too big of a screen!

    • It doesn’t meter if fresh hw or the same. Counts: price+performance+functionalities+batery_life+userfriendlyness. I dont care on which HW it will go, that is why Sailfish OS is an advantage – it does not need abnormal hw resources, bigger then StarTrack would need to reach a distant galaxy. Note, hw make price, and just because of this Nokia has put most probably MeeGo into Asha501, and launched it relatively cheap mobile. We don’t need another iPhone, there is one already: fu…en expensive and lack of dualsim, hence useless. NovaThor platform could be interesting.

  5. Well the size thing for me is that if there is no physical keyboard then I need a bigger screen so I am not always hitting the wrong keys on the onscreen keyboard. Right now swype is unusable for me on the little N9 screen. People are different sizes you know.

    I don’t know why phone companies don’t do surveys on body and hand sizes or just make 2 or 3 different sizes versions – small, medium and large. For me it seems approx 4″ screen is ok only if it has a physical kb but if not then the size will have to be 4.5 or 4.7 and if it has a hw keyboard then we want a good sliding mechanism with tilting. Kickstand is needed unless you can make the design in such a way as to have the interchangeable covers easily incorprate a reliable kickstand. The 2 front facing speakers on the HTC one is just great. Gorilla glass 2. Headphone jack on the top not side.

    Well they said low high end so that means it will be below the GS4, HTC 1 and OPPO find 5 specs.
    So I’m guessing dual core =or less than 1.5ghz. 1gb ram. 4 to 4.5 inch screen, no hw keyboard, no kickstand, quad band, wifi b/g/n, bt 3, usb 3, not flat rectangle something else curved slightly like N9 or HTC one, 5 to 8mp camera, usual front stuff, include most censors but not all, only 1 speaker facing down or back, maybe noise cancellation, maybe stero mic, cheap accessories, nfc with tags, just passable gps, LTE?, maybe dual sim, different colors obviously and then they will come up with some novelty thing.

  6. I’ll only buy it instantly (whatever the price might be) when it has a QWERTY option, especially when it includes a D-PAD on the keyboard. I hope Jolla is as unlike as they claim they are and support LANDSCAPE QWERTY on their phone. All phone manufacturers ditched this concept and I really need a smartphone, but Nokia stoped making the N97, so now i’m walking around with an old (non-smartphone) Nokia.

    Please Jolla help people like me who are stuck in this duopoly system.
    I won’t use any google/apple related product, since they don’t care about privacy at all.
    Blackberry and Windows phone aren’t an option as well, since they don’t have enough DEVELOPER SUPPORT

    Which leaves Ubuntu touch/phone and Jolla Sailfish OS.
    I think Jolla can distinguish itself from Ubuntu, by manufacturing a LANDSCAPE QWERTY KEYBOARD supported phone (like the Nokia N97).


    • I agree with Determinist. For me N900 did the job but than it started freezing and I throw it away. Then got E7 but symbian was the slowest Os ever. N9 OS was awesome but not finished.
      Would love a QWERTY hardware keyboard Jolla with good battery life and light in weight

    • Yeees, qwerty keyboard and no google/apple or other cloud stuff unless asked for, and even then, always with privacy in mind

  7. CLAIM 1 – CRITICAL ONE(!) This poll does not have option “On condition that there is a DUAL SIM or TRIPLE SIM option available.”. Why? 1)for significant number of users having 2 (some prefer 3) phone numbers in one device is the must (or “no go condition”) 2)mentioned in the poll condition “On condition that there is a physical QWERTY option available..” suggest that HW spec in the poll is only about number of cores, MHz, MBytes etc. but not dual SIM which is essential for users.

    hence: PLEASE update the poll with option “On condition that there is a DUAL SIM or TRIPLE SIM option available.”.

    CLAIM 2 The poll does not allow multiply choice, and I think multiply choice would give more true picture of real needs from users IMHO.

    Could you Jolla_tides update the poll?

    • I just don’t like dual sim phones.. duos implies cheap phones at least not flagship phones..Instead dust-water resistant would be better. I think qwerty-slide & touch only variants would be better to fulfill requirements of everyone..
      Plz a slide out qwerty for me Jolla.. frustrated with my nokia 500 onscreen keyboard..

    • Claim 1: A lot of people like to separate business/personal life by having one phone for business and one for personal, leaving business phone behind at weekend/holidays etc.

      Please name me 5 high end smartphones (from top mobile manufacturers) which have dual/triple sim capabilities ? I’m not doubting that there is a demand for this kind of phone, but I’m not entirely sure if it is on 99% of peoples wishlist when shopping for a new phone ?

      Claim 2: The poll only allows one choice to give an accurate reflection of demand for the pre-order… of course some people might favour 2 or more answers, but the idea is that you select the one that is most significant to you.

      • re CLAIM1, well this is ancient approach having origin in weak battery life. Besides just for this purpose is the poll, right? Make an option in poll “On condition that there is a DUAL SIM or TRIPLE SIM option available.” just because this is critical condition which will decide for me to buy or not to buy. Lack of dual sim is the reason I don’t use iPhone at all, however I would if it would be dual sim. If Jolla will not be dual sim I will buy Asha 501 instead because it have the most important functionality for me = dual sim. There is huuuge need for good mobile, not the simplest with dual sim. Why unneeded for me at all physical keyboard is in the poll but there is not dual sim?? Much more people need such a basic as dual sim then completely unnecessary keyboard. That is what Nokia were doing: not listening to customers. Customers ask for keyboard – ok, customers ask for dual sim – we don’t care. WTF? Why the hell my need of dual sim (and need of many many people) is less important then bleep unneeded keyboard? Several times more people use dual sim then physical keyboard. Having dual sim one can use only one sim card as with single sim – this is not problem at all.

        Just let people to leave their most needed mobile feature which for some is DUAL SIM, not fu…n unneeded physical keyboard! I haven’t use physical keyboard form years, I don’t want and I don’t care, BUT DUAL SIM IS THE FEATURE WHICH WILL DECIDE WEATHER I CAN BUY JOLLA OR JUST TO FORGET. And I would like this as very important factor to be mentioned in poll, especially when not necessary keyboard is. Treat potential users equally, do not discriminate dual sim users. Most of users in Asia prefer dual sim. Nokia just have introduced Asha 501 with MeeGo which will improve number of those who like me can’t have mobile without such a basic function like dual sim. You know: the world is changing, and my comfort of life is more important than anybody stupidity, no meter if it is Elop or if it Jolla. As dual sim is holding buy option I kindly ask to place it in the poll. Why the poll is not to contain true preferences??? The most important for a significant part of users is DUAL SIM – for the Lord mercy!! For this purpose is the poll – if there is no such an option you will not have true opinioins. My 1st of all preference IS JOLLA TO HAVE DUAL SIM. Only after this goes any others, do you understand now??????????????????????????????????????????????? Don’t behave like second Nokia with second Elop, please.

        • For the sake of one loud mouthed so and so, the dual sim option has been added… there you go now maybe you’ll give it a rest. And please try to be polite because we like you really. :-)

        • The QWERTY keyboard option is important…. many who have come from the N900, N950 (all predecessors to Sailfish) and looking for an upgrade will be in the market for a QWERTY slider option to upgrade to. The fact that none of the other predecessor handsets on Maemo/MeeGo had a dual sim option make the QWERTY slider more relevant and certainly an option that has shown in all our polls there are people crying out for this continuation. But oh yeah I forgot, this poll is based on logic, research and reason not one persons blind obsession. I do like the idea of dual sim as an added bonus, but the way you present your case really leaves me cold. I see you are passionate though all the same and I really hope (for your sake) you find the ‘dual sim’ phone you are looking for! :-)

        • I don’t care about dual sim.. we need qwerty from jolla.. dual sim=cheap quality phones..
          e.g. Galaxy Grand duos- poor display stretched along 5 inch diagonal

          • Dual sim cheap? really? only in countries with very low level of technical culture. In modern countries dual sim is for advanced business devices on demand upon call, special order, as they are for VIP clients only. You don’t know what are you talking about, or perhaps you don’t have access to really modern mobiles, sh…t for masses is not what I mean. Dual sim is for those who can afford for better then good mobiles.

            • Ok ‘dual sim guy’, let me ask you a question, when you finally get the dual sim phone that you crave, please answer me this:

              When you have your ‘business sim’ selected on your phone, what happens when one of your friends calls on your other sim (for personal calls). I think the answer is it will go to your personal voice mail. Then when you select your personal sim to retrieve the friends voicemail (at extra cost), what happens when you miss an important business call which is redirected to your business voicemail = you look unprofessional.

              A real business person would have a business phone which they use in working hours and switch their phone off when they get home. They would also have a handset for their personal calls so they don’t miss important calls from loved ones – something which would be impossible when using a dual sim phone.

              Another option business people do is set up a VOIP account with a unique telephone number for eg. incoming business calls and use their standard sim card for personal calls all in the same handset without the need for dual sim slots.

              Dual sim looks a little impractical if you can only access one sim card at one time and therefore risk missing calls all the time spending your life jumping between 2 sims ?

              There may be other good uses for dual sim, but in this example I can’t see it being very helpful…

              • Have you heard of call waiting? You don’t have to miss any calls you don’t want to. And carrying around two phones like a lot of people do just seems silly to me. Very unpractical

                • @Jolla tides: from everyday practise nothing like you described happens. Business people are not robots: they also want to go weekend, drinking party, holidays, dating etc. How unprofessional one will look when during romantic walking clients will ring again and again? Or is this a good free weekend when the same happens? And what when I have my own number and in work I am supposed to use a different phone number which is dedicated to serve clients with a specific services eg. help desk? Shall I leave my number and lost contact with friends and family? Or just give my private number for help desk purposes and every “unaware employee having a problem with mail” will be calling me in the middle of the night because “he is sorry but boss is waiting for this data just now”? As admin I can’t refuse. Or I can turn off my single card phone and lost contact with everybody – this is ancient approach before dual sim.
                  Even having a single sim it can happen that I am talking with one important person while another important person is calling, and then either hear “busy” or “voice mail” – you can’t exclude it.
                  Perhaps you can imagine this: you do not want to give your business number to aunt Mary, uncle Bob, overhelming mother/father/partner, or missing you child who would call you every 5 minutes with extremely important for them things tu disturb you, but your boss/corporation code does not accept in office hours any calls but clients/co-workers only. If your private circle members would leave you an sms/voice mail you can call them back after hours, and have private sim calls muted during office hours. And vice versa: your old mother/father have deserved for not breaking a Sunday family dinner with call from a working friend who want to make you a joke. You can turn of one number, while second is active – only with dual sim. This is life management. If one can’t mute work calls when needed or can’t mute private calls when needed – then he is most probably call/mobile-adicted. To talk with such a person it is easier to call him then meet with him, because a meeting would be interrupted with calls “which must be picked up” – horror.
                  Another example: you need to do sth urgent, with dual sim you can turn of one sim (the one for outer clients) while the second one can be used for talking with boss – you are accesable for
                  important person for you.

                  “Another option business people do is set up a VOIP account with a unique telephone number for eg. incoming business calls and use their standard sim card for personal calls all in the same handset without the need for dual sim slots.”
                  This is only not practical theory, in fact you can’t manage this VOIP account as normal sim. You can’t turn it of when you want, or mute. And eg. you can’t leave your friend it like you can with a sim card when you are going holidays, and somebody is replacing you during this time.

                  Another example: one sim card have very cheap incoming calls, while second sim have very cheap outcoming – having dual sim you can use fully benefits from different offers.

                  And so on, etc.etc. It is from practise that dual sim is much more comfortable and much more useful. otherwise people would not use it. You haven’t tried modern solution which is dual sim that is why you don’t get it – yet. When you try you will love it. Why I am to carry two devices when I can carry only one and have everything the same, but easier, more handy? For the same reason people want bigger screens, however 10years ago an alphanumeric display would be acceptable, but not today. 10 years ago one camera was a miracle, today 2 cameras are needed: back one and front one. 10years ago a single sim would be acceptable,
                  but not today – today dual sim is necessary.

                • @ delphi: I could be wrong, but from what I’ve seen of dual sim phones only one sim can be selected and be used exclusively at any one time, meaning the call waiting function would not work – is that not right maybe someone else knows ? If the dual sim cards can both be used for all incoming calls at any given time then of course this is great, but I was just under the impression you had to select the sim and that shuts off the other sim while you are using it. Like i said i might be wrong in fact I think maybe the last I looked at dual sim phones a long time ago this was the case but maybe now they are more advanced.

                  • @ jolla-awaiting-user: Love the lively debates and yes I think we are on the same page here – I was just presenting an example case scenario to see an answer because I have never used a dual sim phone before. Like I’ve said before any ‘added feature’ in the future Jolla phone is a bonus as far as I’m concerned and if both sim cards could accept incoming calls at the same time without switching between sims then that is great! Is this possible with dual sim devices or do you have to exclusively switch between sims and potentially miss calls?

                    • Okay Stuart has cleared up my confusion with dual sim (thanks Stuart!) in a later post. I love the idea of dual sim as it seems you can indeed use both sim cards at the same time and not select exclusive use which is how I thought they worked (maybe the older versions worked like this I seem to remember which is how the confusion started.). So apologies for anyone who has bothered reading and been as confused as me and let’s keep the ship steering onwards! Thanks! :-)

                    • I have never lost any call. Sometimes I have to call back after received sms or voice mail. but this is quite the same like one would lost a range in a tunnel or turn of a mobile for time in the theatre or visiting somebody in hospital.

                  • I think you already got the answer from someone, but the fact is that they are both active, You just can’t call both at the same time, but you can receive sms or calls waiting from one while talking with the other. Several examples of this range from high-end to some mid-range ones from samsung and even nokia.

                    • @Jollatides What you were not aware are options called: dual stand-by and dual active. My dualsim mobile have 1 transmitter only and it communicate with towers of 2 operators, in periods of time it confirms range and standby, or switching cells – this is without user action, automatic. That means device is make one contact at a time, but the whole time it is “hearing” of both nets for incoming call. If incoming call appears and I take it then the connection with one operator is established, and for second operator (incoming calls) I am busy or voice mail for the time I am talking. When I disconnect all events are available like both operators incoming calls, sms, mms, etc. This is dual stand-by.

                      Calling. When I choose a contact from address book device ask me which sim A or B is to be used for calling, hence I can call from this or this. I make a choice 1 or 2 sim when I am dialling a number (from contacts or manually). This is dual active.

                      Any dual sim device without dual stand-by and without dual active is useless and should be avoided as a kind of fake.

                      Again I am sorry about inconvenience but really this side effect of stupid discussions about N9 with Windows evangelists from Nokia. Sorry again, that was traumatic experiences and left such a traces inside me.

                      Dual sim devices are in all markets, just like smartphones are not “for certain markets” but for all markets IMHO.

      • I think no one would mind paying a little bit more if the must requested features are present, like fm transmitter, infra-red port, dual-sim, qwerty keyboard with kickstand, not too big screen, really good battery life with charging pad, nfc, front and back camera with good quality, not too many cpu cores (there’s just no need), good resistance to shock, beautifull, etc.

        • I’ll second that. Qwerty keyboard is an absolute necessity for me, I would not buy a phone without it (perhaps as a second phone, but I don’t need/want two phones). The IR is important (I typically use it several times a day), though I might consider a phone without it, I would probably pay $50-100 more for a phone with the IR.

          Really good battery life would be appreciated, but unless the battery lasts a full month of normal use, easily swappable batteries are a must.

          I agree with most of the rest of delphi’s requests.

      • Well, it can be done: if there will be someone who will make a business on this. Technically it is possible. But not any business for Jolla neither for Nokia. This need breaking lock to allow download Sailfish into a mobile, so perhaps a physical access. This terminates any guaranties etc. Needed is either determined user or determined dev and knowledge and possibility to earn some money I think. Otherwise none will even try. And there is also a danger that a device can not survive and become and useless brick. Hence a special image for particular hw would have to be prepared – again by somebody who would devote a time, efforts etc. Easier will be to buy cheap Jolla then play this way – and this is the point – people are lazy and will try easier option ;)

  8. For 200 eur, I’d buy it for myself. For 400 eur I’d try to convince my company that it’s good to test our web technologies on cool new Sailfish too. Over 600 eur – probably not for me.

  9. Being a user of N900 i have no doubt in my mind that jolla phone will never disappoint me.But i would prefer the device to have a hardware Slider landscape QWERTY with 4″ screen &skinny body.I want it within the price range of at most $400(60,000naira) for a start.

    • As I know from devs you can port or start porting having SDK downloaded for free from as it emulates whole Sailfish and device in VM. It was told in some places already it works, and with Qt apps it is a question of a few hours only.

  10. Whatever the price… this is the one shot mobile industry has before being considered as doomed.
    I’d buy two. Price doesn’t matter. (ok… should be below 800 Eur)
    I switched from meego/harmattan to android (my first android device, and surely the last one) and my feeling was “OMG, this is what people use?! Seriously? Is this even a production hard/software? They can’t be serious!”

    If it is anything like a N9(50) successor… we’re golden. No matter what the features are like.

    • Tell me about it – I really can’t grasp the excitement with android having done the same thing as you – the user experience sucked hugely after MeeGo! That was using an android tablet (Jelly Bean) which was/is laggy as hell and an HTC phone running an earlier version which left me largely underwhelmed… it was just messy. Bring it on Jolla! :-)

  11. I really wanna try out Sailfish on my N9 too.

    However, if Jolla releases a physical keyboard phone like the Nokia E7 or Dell Venue Pro, the I will definitely buy one.

  12. I would like to have a phone with Jolla OS, this is an awesome OS!! I think that this phone must have a good camera. This is the reason that i like nokia’s phone and this is very important for me.

  13. I would like to preorder The Jolla Sailfish phone, but Istill have the contract for other 7 Months with Vodafone NL, but would be nice to try The OS on my n9

  14. I want to be able to use my smartphone as a handheld GNU/Linux computer with text terminals (at least 80 columns).
    The Nokia N900 with it physical keyboard was very good after I modified the key mappings to be able to enter the French accented letters with this physical keyboard. I wished I could have remapped it further for other Unicode characters (with special key combinations).
    When my N900 became unusable due to hardware screen problems, I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It doesn’t have a physical keyboard, but its big screen allows it to have a 80-column terminal and an on-screen keyboard that doesn’t take too much space. There’s actually more space for the contents than on the N900 and this is great! The Hacker’s Keyboard (which looks like a normal desktop keyboard with its cursor keys, Ctrl key, and so on…) is necessary, but one needs the stylus. It is less practical than a physical keyboard though, in particular in transportations. And word prediction doesn’t work in some contexts (like on the N900 with the text terminal).
    So, I don’t have clear requirements, except usability with a text terminal. And a stylus is a must for text selection, as I always use very small fonts to have more text on the screen.

  15. If the price is right for the specs and specs would be a upgrade from my current phone. I currently use Galaxy s2 and am quite happy with it. Galaxy s2 plus is available for about 350€. To me that appears excellent price/quality ratio. If specs were comparable to galaxy S2 plus, I’d probably preorder the phone for about 400€ max.

  16. I kind of like the ideas here some people are saying of paying for a Sailfish upgrade package for their N9’s for those not willing to buy into the new Jolla hardware. In theory it’s a nice idea and could be mutually beneficial but I wonder how this would work in practice ? Also I wonder (from previous videos where Jolla have stated that Sailfish is a little slow when demoing on old N950 hardware) whether it would truly be a worthwhile experience? I guess we’ll find out when the new Jolla specs are announced and how far apart the new handset specs differ from old N9/N950 hardware…

  17. having a poll available where you could weight opinions from 1 to 5 would be more sensible to me, as I voted for the if price is right, but having good specs and QWERTY-keypad would matter a lot for my decision. Also, is there only one model available or are there multiple choices to go for? thanks :)

    • As explained earlier, giving multiple choices kind of defeats the object of this particular poll and means figuring out pre-order demand (where each single vote = 1 manufactured handset), becomes impossibly diluted. I guess the idea is just to go for your priority 1st choice in one vote.

      It’s most likely in the initial pre-order release that there will be one base model handset with configuration options available for those early birds who sign up with the pre-order. :-)

      • As I asked and explained earlier the poll must contain the basic functionality of DUAL SIM. So I kindly ask for this once again as this is essential feature for much more users then number of users demanding keyboard, which also is important. Hence asking again, politely BUT LOUDLY!!!

  18. As soon as it’s not more than 4,3 inches, there’s a dark color and it’s not 1 billion dollars, I will probably pre-order.
    Otherwise, I will probably only participate and wait for another device…

  19. Please, sell the jolla here in latin america too! mainly in Brazil that we are short of good releases!

  20. To me the os seems designed for all touch screen seems like its a nice simple easy to use os that any one can just pickup and use and that’s where it will succeed I feel its a phone my mom can figure out and use the demos seem that simple that they can get some of iPhones customers

  21. I waiting for a reason tI’m waiting for a reason to continue to develop Qt applications, after Nokia announced the N9 was the last MeeGo mobile from Nokia so I lost quite interest in Qt. I hope now that the first Jolla mobile with Sailfish arrive to my interest again come alive for Qt development.o start develop

  22. I’m waiting for a reason to continue to develop Qt applications, after Nokia announced the N9 was the last MeeGo mobile from Nokia so I lost quite interest in Qt. I hope now that the first Jolla mobile with Sailfish arrive to my interest again come alive for Qt development.

  23. I will probably pre-order, if:

    screen-size: 3.5” to 4”
    CPU: 1 (max 2)
    battery life: 3 day (medium screen light with sporadic use of wifi or 3G connection)
    (optionally 2 sim support)
    price: 200€ to 350€
    I wait a good mobile to replace my old Nokia E66, I can’t use device like Android or IOS!

  24. If the price is right….
    That is for me a good mix of killer specs, long battery life (>30hrs) and an open ecosystem with the good support as with Maemo.

    I use the n900 with joy everyday. I’m willing to pay up to €750 to replace it. If specs are in the range of the nr 1 products of Samsung, Apple of HTC.
    But I’m also happy with midrange specs and price.

    As long as the sailfish phone feels like a real replacement of my n900.

  25. From what I have read here I assume that:
    1 To high price will not be accepted (question what would be accepted)
    2 There is relatively high number of fanatics (18%) who would buy by any price, usually when disappointed they become the biggest haters of project or go to the group “if the price will be OK”, just “unpredictable children”
    3 Hardware specs counts. For me seems it is the same group: price + hardware spec, means half of population will evaluate the price and hardware as such.
    4 About 13% want physical keyboard and this is constant, perhaps that is why Nokia has killed Lauta, especially when devs have N900
    5 9% needs “all my usual apps” what can show either strong faith in Sailfish software (ported or native or Android via Alien Dalvik) or big faith in Sailfish to fulfil most of requirements. Or relatively small group need “ALL” of usual apps.
    6 About 5% declares not to take part in pre-ordering what shows mostly enthusiasts have taken part in the poll
    7 About 0,5% declares dual sim only. Considering that dual sim share is estimated as 20-30% of world wide mobile market (and increasing) either this mean that Jolla enthusiasts haven’t noticed this at all or they believe Jolla will be dual sim for sure. This is option used by more and more users. In Jolla community seems this is quite small but really very loud group, that indicates they also can be strong channel for promotion as very motivated group with a clear view and well defined needs (Sailfish, dual sim). This option is more popular then visible: those who have dual sim usually shows only 1 number (1 sim) while second (2 sim) is pretty well hidden and available only for small circle of the close friends, partner or family. That is why dual sim is not so visible while demanded significantly. This is criteria about life style and user experience. Usually those who tried dual sim and were satisfied don’t want mobile without dual sim anymore. Those who were not satisfied use the mobile with 1 sim and leave 2nd port for second sim empty. However I am not decided yet, but most market researches shows dual sim is strong trend as the option which gives better comfort and use-ability.

    Time will tell, we will see soon.

      • I make it 0.3% (not 0.5%) of people interested in dual sim to date – you’ve incorrectly almost doubled your figures for your continuing ‘dual sim propaganda campaign’. Geeez and I thought I had nothing better to do… lol

        • You are wrong. Sometimes more people use one computer. Anyway, I remember when a time ago demands for physical keyboard were treated exactly the same as you now treat demands for dual sim. Thank you for correcting 0,5 to 0,3 however this is not significant IMHO. I am totally sure more people need the dual sim, and this 0,3 is only the proof for this. See that even Nokia has made Asha 501 dual sim, and they do this only for money, nothing else. Think it over.

          • Sorry so are you ‘Elloy’ now or ‘Jolla-awaiting-user’ ? Because it’s the same IP address and you just replied to Elloy’s post (on his behalf?).

            Almost doubling statistics isn’t relevant ?? You should definitely be a politician!! If anything what seems the most insignificant thing here is the amount of voters who have chosen the dual sim option. Anyway, like any extra features (which there are too many to list in 1 single poll), you are right dual sim would be an added bonus, but please can you stop spamming the boards with the same message because it’s becoming like a scratched record for a long time already. Thanks. :-)

            • Yes I made mistake rounding from 0,3 to 0,5 – guilty as charged. If I would be a politician I would not admit this, instead I would convince you this proper and obvious and you should appreciate this as a favour for you and whole society in the name values and better future.

              Yes 0,3 to 0,5 is irrelevant difference as this is close to statistical error, this only shows such persons preferring dual sim exists, the reason is in fact that option was added later so a number of those who voted were not able to vote for this and will not vote again to correct it, and among them are those who prefer dual sim also.

              If I would make from 0,3 lets say 30% that would be a manipulation and that would not be fair. Also underlining fact that in one day this indicator has increased 2 times, or by 100% would be a kind of manipulation. Similar like counting lumia’s share as preferred by big boss. That would make your claim reasonable IMHO.

              I have already explained that more then one person can use one computer one local net, also perhaps you have hear about routers, NATs and so on used for home nets. And sometimes we have guests also if you don’t mind that. I understand your point however.

              • @Jollatides Perhaps you have noted there is already 1% for dualsim, what confirms that 0,3 versus 0,5 was irrelevant difference. I also hope that dualstand-by and dual-active explanations have allayed your fears about use-ability.

  26. Thx a lot, I have underestimate your will for cooperation. That is side effect of months of hopeless discussion with Nokia staff, and defending from Windows hard-selling when I want MeeGo staff. I did not want to be rude, just wanted you to add an option – THANK YOU.
    For some people physical keyboard is essential. For me dual sim is not any added bonus but the most basic feature needed for work, business and life – just the “must be” in my mobile. Believe me or not but really this is buy or not buy – because dual sim mobiles I use from a few years has realised to be so comfortable solution in practise that I don’t want any mobile without dual sim any more – as the aware decision.
    Note physical keyboard has reached only 13% so only 1/10 is interested in. Is it more relevant? Perhaps. I don’t think so, I think it is more familiar only.
    At the market there is several times more dual sim devices then keyboard devices. And I think also dual sim will motivate more people to buy Jolla then keyboard.

      • I know it, I voted “Touchscreen with detachable modular QWERTY” in 2012. I don’t mind anything against keyboard. dual sim and keyboard do not exclude each other. For me dual sim with keyboard is OK, but dual sim only :-)

      • The reason dual-sim is so undervalued in my opinion is that although it may be important, because the poll only allows one selection, there are other things more valued.
        I am an example of that as altough I think dual-sim is VERY important, I really feel qwerty keyboard with kickstand is even more important. I also feel that some specs are important, as infra-red port, fm-transmitter, good front and back cameras with dual flash at the back, etc.

        • I can appreciate that and apologise for the limitations of the poll but stress that this exercise was to see solid numbers who are interested in the pre-order handset. Multiple options would just dilute those figures as I’m sure you can appreciate – thanks for your feedback! :-)

  27. I really hope that you will ship internationally so that I don’t have to wait for a local distributor to slowly bring it in locally.
    Also, I use WhatsApp as my main communicator, so I hope that it will have full functionality on Jolla. Main reason why I did not switch to WP8 is because WhatsApp is broken on that OS, can’t share video nor music from library.

  28. Hopefully it won’t be a 5 inch monster/borderline tablet. Slightly smaller than the current iphone in overall dimensions with more screen real estate would be great.

    If its elegant and specs are ok i am in

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  30. I hope it will be possible for consumers to order Jolla Sailfish handsets for use in Norway.

  31. Absolutely will. Ad well I was Nokia Pilot for manyyears and will do my best to test it.

    Texas USA

  32. but if i have to pre-order your phone i would see a render of the object and knowing some of the hardware will be built on!!
    we cant buy without taking a look

  33. It would be great if the phone could have optical trackball or some swipe action working like it. I use the tab key a lot on pc, and the trackball was even better than that, because you could use it to navigate backwards when filling forms on browser. Too bad no phone today uses it anymore. It made navigation a lot easier, which is a big deal especially on a phone. I wouldn´t decide against phone because lack of it, but it would be positevely awesome to be able to easily navigate back forth without aiming. Smeller the screen, better this would be. I think it could be made into some kind of swipe action, though I´m not sure how.

    • I would love a device that could accept a mini-sim or a micro-sim and not have to choose between one or the other. It might not seem like much but for someone who sim-swaps a lot it it can be a big headache.

  34. Thank you for adding the dual-sim option. It might not be important to many people but since China is one of the markets Jolla wants to make an impact on, it seems to be very important to that market. Many of the flagships from Samsung, Sony, Lenovo all have dual-sim in the Chinese variants.

    Most dual-sim that I’ve used are dual-standby where both radios are on to receive text and calls but you can only use one when replying. They usually only have one of the data sims enabled whereas the other is text/call only. I would hope that Sailfish can handle this easily since even if Jolla doesn’t implement dual-sim it will be something that other OEMs might want to have and it seems very useful in the Chinese market.

    • If Jolla want to be really unlike then should have dual sim or better triple sim device. This is trend, and fighting with trend is fighting with market – noone has won against market. Be unlike Jolla – dual sim or triple sim. It is good time to point this.

      • Dual Sim would be great for India too. Dual standby is fine and if one could have two separate phone contacts apps or lists syncing to two separate service providers ( think personal & work ) , brilliant ! If would like to get your hands on a Dual SIM phone, any of your china / India colleagues should be able to help you . Else, drop me a mail :-)

    • Thanks for the very useful post Stuart. :-) As I’ve never used a dual sim phone before, I was unaware you can receive calls from both sim cards at any given time without having to exclusively select one or the other individually – thanks for clearing that up for me and doing it in an easy, comprehendible, civilised way. Very much appreciated. :-) I also agree fully that dual sim would be a great option to have especially for certain markets which is of course why it was added to the poll.

  35. I would say A good way to synchronize with google agenda, or even better with a sailfish agenda service. As a nokia user, I’m not happy with what nokia made with it. But that’s really not the same with their map system ! what about gps ?

    As i really like podcast and music, I would prefer a not to bad but full functional mp3 player. Video I don’t care.

    by and good luke,

  36. Hi
    Been waiting soo long for a sailfish handset, really not bothered about the number of sims just hope the hardware (camera etc) is top notch as well as the software (apps) compared to the newer phones in the market and a reasonable price too

  37. Will the pre-order device ship internationally? If so then yes I would pre-order, but if it will only be for Finland then me pre-ordering will not be such a good idea. I am located in South Africa

  38. Following on the “I want dual SIM”- posts:

    I need SD card slot and replacable battery – or BIG memory and really BIG battery…
    I have 2 spare batteries for my N900, easily getting me through a weekend without electricity (yes that can happen from time to time, e.g. camping).
    Haven’t seen any smartphone with fixed battery that can handle that…

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