New Jolla Handset: Register Your Interest

I know we haven’t seen the finished product yet as such, but we have seen Sailfish running in many videos and are now forming an idea of what the handset will possibly look like (4′-5′ touchscreen with range of colours (orange and possibly green confirmed)).

Jolla Phone

So for Jolla’s benefit here is a chance to register interest early in the new pre-order to perhaps give Jolla an idea of what the demand will look like and allow Jolla a chance to prepare in advance.

Please note this is just a poll to register your interest and does not in any way guarantee you get one of the pre-order handsets.  Information on how to pre-order will follow shortly after Jolla reveal the handset later this month.

So without further ado, here is the poll and please take the time to choose an option if you are in anyway contemplating getting the new Jolla branded handset when the pre-order is ready:

Please also feel free to expand on your choice in the comments below – if you chose for example ‘if the price is right’ option let us know what your budget would be as this would be important feedback for Jolla – thanks! :-)

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