Sailfish: New Demo With Marc Dillon

Here’s the latest demo from Jolla showing off a few more features in the Sailfish OS.

In the video we can see that ambience brings some more customisability in the form of altering not only the colour scheme but the settings as well.   Here Marc shows that, for instance, you could have a ‘Work’ ambience or a ‘Party’ ambience to reflect what you are doing at any given time.

So some more pieces of the Sailfish jigsaw coming together – and you can clearly see Whatsapp running there in the home-screen multitasking view so that’s one of our priority must have apps spoken for!

Another photo was leaked a few days ago showing that you can access some key features with a simple swipe down from the top to quickly launch into eg. settings, camera, phone, silent profile, right from the lockscreen:

Sailfish Pull DownGIFFGAFF2

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